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  1. 1881 fue un año común ... Wikipedia® es una marca registrada de la Fundación Wikimedia, Inc., una organización sin ánimo de lucro. Política de ...

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    1881 was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar, the 1881st year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 881st year of the 2nd millennium, the 81st year of the 19th century, and the 2nd year of the 1880s decade.

    • Events
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    • Deaths
    February 13 – The first issue of the feminist newspaper La Citoyenne is published by Hubertine Auclertin France.
    March – Ambrose Bierce contributes to the weekly satirical San Francisco magazine The Wasp (becoming editor by July) and resumes his column "Prattle" and the series of cynical definitions which he...
    April – William Poel's production of Shakespeare's Hamlet at St. George's Hall, London, reverts to the first quartotext and avoids elaborate scene changes.
    April 23 – Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera Patience, a satire on Oscar Wilde and aestheticism, opens with George Grossmith in the lead at the Opera Comiquein London.


    1. William Harrison Ainsworth – Stanley Brereton 2. Emilia Pardo Bazán – Un viaje de novios(A Honeymoon Trip) 3. Mary Elizabeth Braddon – Asphodel 4. Robert Buchanan – God and the Man 5. Bankim Chatterjee – Rajsimha 6. Wilkie Collins – The Black Robe 7. Machado de Assis – The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas (Memorias Posthumas de Braz Cubas) 8. Antonio Fogazzaro – Malombra 9. Anatole France – Sylvestre Bonnard 10. Thomas Hardy – A Laodicean 11. Henry Honor (anonymously) – The Great Romance 1...

    Children and young people

    1. Joel Chandler Harris – Uncle Remus 2. Talbot Baines Reed – The Fifth Form at St. Dominic's 3. Bram Stoker – Under the Sunset 4. Mrs. Humphry Ward – Milly and Olly


    1. Henrik Ibsen 1.1. Ghosts (Gengangere)(published) 1.2. Catiline(first performed (published 1850)) 2. William Young – Pendragon

    January 18 – Gaston Gallimard, French publisher (died 1975)
    January 28 – Ruby M. Ayres, English romance novelist (died 1955)
    February 10 – Boris Zaytsev, Russian novelist and dramatist (died 1972)
    January 12 – George Robert Aberigh-Mackay, Anglo-Indian author (tetanus, born 1848)
    January 28 – Fyodor Dostoevsky, Russian novelist (born 1821)
    January 30 – Anna Maria Hall, Irish novelist (born 1800)
    March 23 – George Métivier, Guernsey poet writing in Guernésiais (born 1790)
    • Incumbents
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    Federal Government

    1. President: 1.1. until March 4: Rutherford B. Hayes (R-Ohio) 1.2. March 4–September 19: James A. Garfield (R-Ohio) 1.3. starting September 19: Chester A. Arthur (R-New York) 2. Vice President: 2.1. until March 4: William A. Wheeler (R-New York) 2.2. March 4–September 19: Chester A. Arthur (R-New York) 2.3. starting September 19: vacant 3. Chief Justice: Morrison Waite (originally from Connecticut; lived in U.S. state of Ohio) 4. Speaker of the House of Representatives: Samuel J. Randall (D-...


    1. January 25 – Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell form the Oriental Telephone Company. 2. February 2 – The 5.6 Mla Parkfield earthquake affects central California with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VII (Very strong). Some damage occurred near Imusdale northwest of Parkfield, including cracks in the roads, fallen chimneys, and partially collapsed buildings. 3. February 5 – Phoenix, Arizona, is incorporated. 4. February 19 – Kansas becomes the first U.S. state to prohibit all alcoholic...


    1. April 11 – Spelman Collegeis established. 2. April 14 – The Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight erupts in El Paso, Texas. 3. April 16 – Bat Masterson fights his last gun battle in Dodge City, Kansas. 4. April 21 – The University of Connecticutis founded as the Storrs Agricultural School. 5. April 28 – Billy the Kid escapes from his two jailers at the Lincoln County Jail in Mesilla, New Mexico, killing James Bell and Robert Ollinger before stealing a horse and riding out of town. 6. May 21 6...


    1. July 2 – Assassination of James A. Garfield: James A. Garfield, President of the United States, is shot by lawyer Charles J. Guiteau at the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station in Washington, D.C. He survives the shooting but suffers from infectionof his wound, dying on September 19. 2. July 4 – The Tuskegee Institute opens in Alabama. 3. July 14 – Billy the Kid is shot and killed by Pat Garrett outside Fort Sumner. 4. July 20 – Indian Wars: Sioux chief Sitting Bull leads the last of his...

    September 16 – The Chicago White Stockings win their Second straight (Third Overall) pennant with a 4–0 win over the Boston Red Caps.

    January 8 – Henrik Shipstead, U.S. Senator from Minnesota from 1923 to 1947 (died 1960)
    January 15 – John Rodgers, U.S. Navy officer, naval aviation pioneer (died in aviation accident 1926)
    January 21 – Arch McCarthy, baseball player
    January 31 – Irving Langmuir, chemist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1932 (died 1957)
    January 3 – Anna McNeill Whistler, James Whistler's mother and subject of his painting (born 1804)
    February 14 – Fernando Wood, New York City mayor (born 1812)
    February 23 – Robert F. R. Lewis, naval officer (born 1826)
    April 24 – James T. Fields, publisher (born 1817)
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