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  1. 1923 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › 1923

    1923 fue un año común comenzado en lunes según el calendario gregoriano.

  2. 1923 - Wikipedia › wiki › 1923

    1923 was a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1923rd year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 923rd year of the 2nd millennium, the 23rd year of the 20th century, and the 4th year of the 1920s decade.

  3. Serie Mundial de 1923 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Serie_Mundial_de_1923

    Serie Mundial de 1923 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Serie Mundial de 1923 La Serie Mundial de 1923 fue disputada entre New York Giants y New York Yankees. Los New York Yankees resultaron ganadores al vencer en la serie por 4 partidos a 2.

    • 10 de octubre - 15 de octubre
  4. 1923 - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › 1923

    1923 was a common year starting on Monday in the Gregorian calendar.The Julian calendar was made obsolete starting that year, though Eastern Orthodox churches still use the Julian Calendar.

  5. Harukaze (1923) - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Harukaze_(1923)

    Harukaze (1923) Cuatro cañones de 120 mm, dos ametralladoras de 7,7 mm, 20 minas marinas, seis tubos lanzatorpedos de 530 mm en dos montajes triples. viento primaveral?) fue el tercer destructor de la Clase Kamikaze. Sirvió en la Armada Imperial Japonesa durante la Segunda Guerra Sino-Japonesa y la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

  6. Categoría:Nacidos en 1923 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Categoría:Nacidos_en_1923

    Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre personas nacidas en el año 1923. Wikisource contiene obras originales sobre las personas nacidas en el año 1923 . Índice

  7. 1923 in film - Wikipedia › wiki › 1923_in_film
    • Events
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    April 4 – Warner Bros. Pictures Inc.incorporated in the United States.
    April 15 – Lee De Forest demonstrates the Phonofilm sound-on-film system at the Rivoli Theater in New York with a series of short musical films featuring vaudevilleperformers.
    Henry Roussel's Les Opprimés is released, introducing mattes (painted by W. Percy Day) to French cinema.
    January 7 – Pinkas Braun, Swiss actor, director (died 2008)
    January 8 – Larry Storch, American actor
    January 19 – Jean Stapleton, American actress (died 2013)
    January 23 – Silvano Campeggi, Italian poster designer (died 2018)
    January 18 – Wallace Reid, American actor (born 1892)
    March 3 – Dante Testa, Italian actor and director (born 1861)
    March 26 – Sarah Bernhardt, French actress (born 1844)
    May 21 – Charles Kent, veteran actor and director (born 1852)
  8. 1923 in aviation - Wikipedia › wiki › 1923_in_aviation
    • January
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    Air Union is created by the merger of Compagnie des Messageries Aériennes (CMA) with Grands Express Aériens(CGEA).
    January 1
    January 9 or 17 – The Cierva C.4, designed by Juan de la Cierva y Cordoniu and piloted by Alejandro Gomez Spencer, makes its first flight, covering a distance of about 180 meters (590 feet) at Cuat...
    January 13 – The Aeromarine Airways Aeromarine 75 flying boat Columbus suffers engine failure during a flight from Key West, Florida, to Havana Cuba, and lands in the Florida Strait. Buffeted by 10...
    The Royal Air Force conducts operations in southern Iraq against uprisings led by Sheik Mahmud Barzenci.
    A British pilot, William Jordan, lands a Mitsubishi 1MF fighter on the Imperial Japanese Navy's new aircraft carrier Hōshō, then takes off from Hōshō. It is the first landing on and first take off...
    The title "Royal" is granted to the Canadian Air Force. The Government of Canada will approve the title on 1 April 1924, establishing the Royal Canadian Air Force.
    February 1 – The Danish Army Flying Corpsis established.
    The British Sempill Mission to Japan, led by Sir William Francis Forbes-Sempill, returns to the United Kingdom. During its 18-month stay in Japan, the Mission has greatly improved Imperial Japanese...
    Chilean President Arturo Alessandri separates the Chilean naval aviation arm from the Chilean Army air corps, placing it under Chilean Navycontrol.
    The Chilean Navy installs its first aircraft catapult aboard the battleship Almirante Latorre.
    March 16 – Imperial Japanese Navy Lieutenant Shunichi Kira lands a Mitsubishi 1MF fighter on the aircraft carrier Hōshō, becoming the first Japanese pilot to land on an aircraft carrier.
    April 1 – The Royal Air Force abandons the squadron as the basic organizational unit for those of its aircraft operating from Royal Navy ships, reorganizing them into six-plane flights.
    April 10 – Daimler Airways begins the first scheduled airline service between London and Berlin (via Bremen and Hamburg).
    April 16–17 – United States Army Air Service Lieutenants John Arthur Macready and Oakley G. Kelly establish a new endurance record, staying aloft for 36 hours 5 minutes in a Fokker T-2, covering a...
    May 1 – HMS Hermes enters service with the Royal Navy. She is the first ship designed from the waterline up as an aircraft carrier and the first aircraft carrier with an island superstructureto ent...
    May 2–3 – United States Army Air Service Lieutenants John Arthur Macready and Oakley G. Kelly complete the first non-stop flight across the continental United States, flying from Hempstead, New Yor...
    May 3 – The Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation is formed by Igor Sikorsky at a Long Islandchicken farm.
    May 10 – Brazil establishes a School of Naval Aviation in Rio de Janeiro near Galeão beach on Governador Island. Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airporteventually will be constructed on the site.
    The United States Army Air Service demonstrates an aerial refueling system using two Airco DH.4aircraft. The system employs a hose with an on/off nozzle and large funnels.
    The admirals′ committee of the Regia Marina (Italian Royal Navy) pronounces itself in favor of the construction of at least one aircraft carrierto operate with the Italian fleet, providing the flee...
    June 14 – New Zealand forms its first military aviation services, fore-runners of the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

    Twenty-one aircraft compete in the Grand Prix de Motoaviette – a competition at Buc, Yvelines, France, open to any aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of less than 250 kilograms (551 pounds), of...

    The Regia Aeronautica (Italian Royal Air Force) participates in Italian Royal Army maneuvers south of Lake Garda intended to test the capabilities of the army's celeri divisions. The air force comp...
    Personnel from the aircraft carrier USS Langley (CV-1) help to install a TS-1 floatplane fighter on the foredeck of the destroyer USS Charles Ausburn (DD-294) at Norfolk, Virginia, as the United St...
    August 6
    August 21 – The first electric airway beacons start appearing at airfields in the United Statesto assist in night flying operations.
    September 1 – The Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Amagi is heavily damaged by the Great Kantō earthquake while still under conversion from a battlecruiser. She is scrapped, and the battlesh...
    September 4 – The United States Navy's first U.S.-built rigid airship, the as-yet-unnamed ZR-1, makes her first flight at Naval Air Station Lakehurst, New Jersey. She contains most of the world's e...
    September 5
    September 10 – United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Lawson H. Sanderson sets a new world airspeed record of 238 mph (383 km/hr) in a Navy-Wright NW.
    October 6
    October 8–13 – The Daily Mail sponsors the Motor Glider Competition at Lympne Aerodrome in Lympne, England, the first of the three light airplane trials held there. The contest rewards the most eco...
    October 10 – The United States Navy's first U.S.-built rigid airship, ZR-1. is christened and commissioned and receives her name: USS Shenandoah (ZR-1).
    October 13 – Flying over Lympne Aerodrome during the light aircraft trials there, an Avro 558sets an altitude record for a light aircraft of its class, reaching 13,850 feet (4,222 meters).
  9. Campeonato Sudamericano 1923 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Campeonato_Sudamericano_1923

    Se desarrolló en Montevideo, Uruguay, entre el 28 de octubre y el 2 de diciembre de 1923. Uruguay se consagró campeón sudamericano por cuarta ocasión. Aunque esta edición tenía que celebrarse en Paraguay , el país cedió la organización a Uruguay , ya que la falta de infraestructuras y los problemas económicos que atravesaba el país dificultaban la celebración del certamen en la nación guaraní.

    • 112 000 (18 666 por partido)
    • Uruguay
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