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  1. In 1120, David IV moved to western Georgia and, when the Turks began pillaging Georgian lands, he suddenly attacked them. Only an insignificant Seljuk force escaped. King David then entered the neighbouring Shirvan and took the town of Qabala .

    • 1089–1125
    • Elene [ka]
  2. Georgia al final del reinado de David IV. Las potencias musulmanas se preocuparon por el incremento del poder del estado cristiano en el sur de Caucasia. En 1121, el sultán Mahmud II (1118–1131) declaró la guerra santa a Georgia y reunió una gran coalición de estados musulmanes liderada por Ilghazi y Toğrul b.

    • დავით IV აღმაშენებელი
    • Jorge II
    • Overview
    • Parents and parental relations
    • Immediate family

    The family of David IV the Builder, King of Georgia, was part of the Bagrationi dynasty. The dynasty had made their appearance in the Georgian lands in the 8th century and succeeded in unifying several native polities into a unified kingdom by 1008. David IV concluded this process of unification, setting stage for a Georgian domination in the Caucasus. Like his Bagratid ancestors, David entertained claims of descent from the biblical king David. He was a direct descendant of the first Georgian B

    According to the Life of King of Kings David, written c. 1123–1126, David was the only son of King George II. The contemporaneous Armenian chronicler Matthew of Edessa mentions David's brother Totorme. The latter, according to the modern historian Robert W. Thomson, was his sister. The name of David's mother, Elene, is recorded in a margin note in the Gospel of Matthew from the Tskarostavi monastery; she is otherwise unattested. David bore the name of the biblical king-prophet, whose 78th ...

    Different sources mention David's two wives of whom one, unnamed, was an Armenian lady; the other, Gurandukht, a Cuman-Kipchak, is the only one who can be precisely identified. The Armenian chronicler Matthew of Edessa says that David's eldest son Demetrius was born from an Armen

    The Life of King of Kings David mentions David's four children, two sons—Demetrius and Vakhtang—and two daughters—Tamar and Kata. Demetrius, born c. 1093, was the eldest son of David IV and succeeded him to the throne of Georgia. Vakhtang, whose birth c. 1118 is ...

  3. David IV, also known as David II or David III, or David the Builder ... 1125), from the House of Bagrationi, was King of Georgia from 1089 to 1125. ...

  4. David IV or V (Georgian: დავით IV/V, davit' IV/V) was a 15th-century Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia known from the group of documents dated from 1447 to 1457. They testify to David's efforts to restore the patriarchal see of Mtskheta from the devastation of Timur's invasions earlier that century.

    • GA Failed
    • Emperor Nikephoros IV
    • 000 Kiptshaks ??????
    • Title
    Early life section has a POV feel to it for the lack of citations. Words like courageous, hard times, ravagedhave a subjective feeling to them, just changing them would suit the section fine.
    The same applies to the Reformsparagraph but to a lesser extent.
    Despite his age, he was actively involved in Georgia’s political life.would be more suitable if his age or a time in his life was given.
    David IV pursued a purposeful policy, taking no unconsidered step. uses his throne name, was he king at the point the reforms were done, if so, it should be mentioned with more details that what ca...

    The article sayes that: Kata (Katai), married to Alexios, the son of the Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros IV. Who is Emperor Nikephoros IV? According the list of Byzantine Emperors there is only Nikephoros III. Geagea01:00, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

    What the heck did the author think. David sent order, each one man from 40.000 georgin families should join the army. So he had 40.000 georgian warriors, another 20.000 Kiptshaks from norhtern Caucasia and 500 french crusaders against the Ottoman army. So the overall strenght of David's army was 60.500.Not more and not less, facing at least 280-320.000 Ottoman soldiers.

    H.M. The Most High King David, son of George, by the will of our Lord, King of Kings of the Abkhazians, Kartvelians, Ranians, Kakhetians and the Armenians, Shirvanshah and Shahanshah of all the East and West, Sword of the Messiah.[citation needed]

  5. King of Georgia from 1089 to 1125. Popularly considered to be the greatest and most successful Georgian ruler in history and an original architect of the Georgian Golden Age, he succeeded in driving the Seljuk Turks out of the country, winning the Battle of Didgori in 1121.

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    relacionados con: David IV of Georgia wikipedia
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