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  1. Los hinduistas son mayoritarios en: Bali (Indonesia): 93,1 %. Nepal: 81,3 %. [6] India: 80,5 %. [7] Mauricio: 54,0 %. Tras la independencia de India y la división del subcontinente indio en territorios de mayoría hinduista y musulmana, se formó el Estado de Pakistán para la población islámica, pero permanecieron importantes minorías hinduistas.

  2. On one hand, it protects freedom of religion (such as the practice of Hinduism), but on the other hand Malaysian constitution also restricts religious freedom. [7] [8] [9] In recent decades, there have been increasing reports of religious persecution of Hindus , along with other minority religions, by various state governments of Malaysia and its Sharia courts.

  3. He explains the concept of karma in Hinduism by distinguishing it from that of Buddhism and Jainism, which do not require the existence of an external being like God. In their beliefs, just as a calf among a large number of cows can find its mother at suckling time, so also does karma find the specific individual it needs to attach to and come to fruition. [38]