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  1. The M1, M2, M3, and M4 are four local bus routes that operate the Fifth and Madison Avenues Lines – along one-way pair of Madison and Fifth Avenues in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Though the routes also run along other major avenues, the majority of their route is along Madison and Fifth Avenues between Greenwich Village and Harlem .

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    1. 37 mm Gun M3, a light American anti-tank gun 2. M3/M3E1 Multi-role Anti-armor Anti-tank Weapon System (MAAWS) (AKA: Carl Gustaf 8.4cm recoilless rifle), an 84 mm man-portable reloadable anti-tank recoilless rifle 3. 90 mm Gun M1/M2/M3, an American anti-aircraft and anti-tank gun 4. 105 mm Howitzer M3, an American light artillery piece 5. Benelli M3 Super 90, an Italian semi-automatic shotgun 6. M3 20mm cannon, a United States development of the Hispano-Suiza HS.404 7. M3 fighting knife, a...


    1. M3 Amphibious Rig, a German self-propelled amphibious bridging vehicle 2. M3 Bradley, an American infantry fighting vehicle 3. M3 Gun Motor Carriage, American artillery 4. M3 half-track, an armored military vehicle 5. M3 Lee, an American medium tank; also known as "M3 Grant" in Commonwealth service 6. Panhard M3PTT, a French armored personnel carrier 7. HMS Raglan(M3), a WWI British Royal Navy monitor 8. M3 Ram, a Canadian cruiser tank 9. M3 Scout Car, an American armored vehicle 10. M3 St...

    Air transport

    1. ABSA - Aerolinhas BrasileirasIATA airline designator M3, a cargo airline based in Campinas, Brazil 2. Miles M.3 Falcon, a 1930s British four-seat cabin monoplane


    1. Bisu M3, a Chinese MPV 2. BMW M3, a German compact performance car series 3. BYD M3, a Chinese MPV 4. Dongfeng Fengxing Lingzhi M3, a Chinese MPV 5. Haima M3, a Chinese subcompact sedan 6. JAC Refine M3, a Chinese MPV

    Roads and routes

    1. Eastern Freeway (Melbourne), part of the M3 in Victoria, Australia 2. EastLink (Melbourne), part of the M3 in Victoria, Australia 3. Highway M03 (Ukraine), an international highway connecting Kiev with Dovzhansky 4. M3 highway (Russia), another name for the Ukraine Highway in Russia 5. M-3 (Michigan highway), a state highway in the Detroit metropolitan area 6. M3 motorway (disambiguation), several roads 7. M3 (New York City bus), a New York City Bus route in Manhattan 8. M3 Milton–City Cen...

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  4. 2.1 New York City Bus 2.2 New York Waterway 2.3 NYC Ferry 2.4 Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation 2.5 Downtown Connection 3 History of the current Manhattan bus routes 3.1 Routes M1 to M20 3.2 Routes M21 to M79 3.3 Routes M86 to M116 4 Proposed bus route changes 5 Former routes 5.1 Fifth Avenue Coach Company 5.2 New York City Omnibus Corporation

  5. M23 (New York City bus) The 23rd Street Crosstown is a surface transit line on 23rd Street in Manhattan, New York City. It currently hosts the M23 SBS bus route of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)'s Regional Bus Operations.