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  1. Royal charter. Charter granted by King George IV in 1827, establishing King's College, Toronto, now the University of Toronto. Coloured engraving by H. D. Smith, commemorating the grant of a charter in 1829 to King's College, London. Part of the Politics series. Monarchy.

  2. Una Carta Real (en inglés, Royal Charter) es un decreto expedido por un monarca británico para legitimar la formación de una persona jurídica como, por ejemplo, una ciudad, una compañía o una universidad.

  3. This is a list of organisations with a British royal charter. It includes organisations in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, in chronological order, that have received a royal charter from an English , Scottish , or British monarch.

  4. The Royal Charter was a steam clipper which was wrecked off the beach of Porth Helaeth [1] in Dulas Bay on the northeast coast of Anglesey, Wales on 26 October 1859. About 450 lives were lost, [2] the highest death toll of any shipwreck on the Welsh coast.

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  5. A royal charter is a legal document issued by the monarchy which gives certain rights to an organization. When an organization, for example: a university, is founded there has to be an official document which lists the basic laws (the constitution) of the organization.

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    Main article: Royal charter. In medieval Europe, royal charters were used to create cities (i.e., localities with recognised legal rights and privileges). The date that such a charter was granted is considered to be when a city was "founded", regardless of when the locality originally began to be settled.

  7. 7 de dic. de 2012 · Fri 7 Dec 2012 12.38 EST. A royal charter – of the kind mooted by No 10 to help entrench independent press regulation – dates back to before the constitutional monarchy was introduced and ...