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  1. 1145 fue un año común comenzado en lunes del calendario juliano ... Wikipedia® es una marca registrada de la Fundación Wikimedia, Inc., ...

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    Year 1145 was a common year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar Events By place Levant. Spring – Seljuk ...

  3. February 15 — Pietro Bernardo Paganelli of Montemagno, Calci is elected as Pope Eugene III, and succeeds Pope Lucius II as the 167th pope. Pope Eugene III issues Quantum praedecessores, calling for the Second Crusade. Construction begins on Notre-Dame d'Chartres in Chartres, France. Kim Pusik and his team of historians finishes the making of ...

  4. Category:1145. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Wikimedia Commons has media related to 1145. Articles and events specifically related to the year AD 1145 . 1140. 1141. 1142.

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    1145 n'otros calendarios; Calendariu gregorianu: 1145 MCXLV: Ab urbe condita: 1898 Calendariu armeniu: 594 Calendariu chinu: 3841 – 3842 Calendariu hebréu

    • Election of Eugene III
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    Pope Lucius II, during the whole of his pontificate, had to face the municipal commune at Rome, hostile towards the secular rule of the popes in the Eternal City. The republican faction elected Giordano Pierleoni, brother of the former Antipope Anacletus II, to the post of senator, and demanded that Lucius relinquish all temporal matters into his hands. The pope refused and led a small army against the seat of the commune on Capitol. He was defeated and seriously wounded in this attack, and died on 15 February 1145 in the church of S. Gregorio in clivo scauri. The cardinals present at Rome quickly assembled in the church of San Cesareo in Palatio and on the very same day unanimously elected to the papacy Bernardo da Pisa, pupil of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, who was abbot of the Cistercian monastery of S. Anastasio alle Tre Fontane near Rome and probably did not belong to the College of Cardinals. The elect took the name of Eugene III. Due to hostility of the Roman people, his consecr...

    There were probably 40 cardinals in the Sacred College of Cardinals in February 1145. Based on examination of the subscriptions of the papal bulls in 1145and the available data about the external missions of the cardinals it is possible to establish that no more than 34 cardinals participated in the election: Thirteen electors were created by Pope Innocent II, nine by Celestine II, eleven by Lucius II, one by Pope Callixtus II and one by Pope Paschalis II.

    Horn, Michael (1992). Studien zur Geschichte Papst Eugens III. (1145-1153)(in German). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag.

  6. Robelmonte (asteroide nº 1145 según el MPC) es un asteroide perteneciente al cinturón de asteroides que orbita entre Marte y Júpiter. Su nombre hace referencia a Robelmont, un pueblo de Bélgica donde nació el astrónomo Sylvain Arend. Robelmonte es la forma femenina. Tiene un diámetro aproximado de 23 kilómetros, y realiza una vuelta ...

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