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    The 1150s BC is a decade which lasted from 1159 BC to 1150 BC. Millennium: 2nd millennium BC. Centuries: 13th century BC. 12th century BC. 11th century BC. Decades: 1170s BC.

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  3. This page uses content from the English language Wikipedia.The original content was at 1150s BC.The list of authors can be seen in the page history.As with this Familypedia wiki, the content of Wikipedia is available under the Creative Commons License.

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    1180–1178 BC—Collapse of the Hittite Empire. Their capital, Hattusa, falls around or slightly after 1180 BC. 1178 BC, April 16—A solar eclipse occurs. This may have marked the return of Odysseus, legendary King of Ithaca, to his kingdom after the Trojan War. He discovers a number of suitors competing to marry his wife Penelope, whom they ...

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    1147 BC—Demophon, legendary King of Athens and veteran of the Trojan War, dies after a reign of 33 years and is succeeded by his son Oxyntes. Significant people [ edit ] Tiglath-Pileser I , king of Assyria , is born (approximate date).

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    1137 BC — Ramses VII begins his reign as the sixth ruler of the Twentieth dynasty of Egypt. 1135 BC — Oxyntes, legendary King of Athens, dies after a reign of 12 years and is succeeded by his eldest son Apheidas. 1134 BC — Apheidas, legendary King of Athens, is assassinated and succeeded by his younger brother Thymoetes after a reign of 1 ...

  7. › wiki › 1160s_BC1160s BC - Wikipedia

    1166 BC—The start of the Discordian calendar and within Discordianism the date of the Curse of Greyface. 1162 BC—The statue of Marduk is taken from Babylon by Elamite conquerors. 1160 BC— Ancient Nubia regains independence from Egypt, after long having served as its vice-royalty since its annexation by Pharaoh Ahmose I.