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    The 1150s was a decade of the Julian Calendar which began on January 1, 1150, and ended on December 31, 1159. Events 1150 By place [ edit] Byzantine Empire [ edit] Battle of Tara: The Byzantines defeat the Serbian-Hungarian army under Grdeša, count ( župan) of Travunija, near the snow-covered Tara River.

  2. Los años 1150 o década del 1150 empezó el 1 de enero de 1150 y terminó el 31 de diciembre de 1159 . Acontecimientos [ editar] Anastasio IV sucede a Eugenio III como papa en el año 1153. Adriano IV sucede a Anastasio IV como papa en el año 1154. Alejandro III sucede a Adriano IV como papa en el año 1159.

  3. 1150s - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 1150s Page Talk Read Edit Change source View history Events [ change | change source] King Sverker I of Sweden is killed and succeeded by Eric IX of Sweden. Eric IX of Sweden tries to conquer Finland The first fire insurance policy is issued. It is in Iceland.

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    1140s . 1150s in art . 1160s Art timeline The decade of the 1150s in art involved some significant events. Works [ edit] 1156: Stavelot Triptych created by Mosan artists Births [ edit] 1151: Unkei – Japanese sculptor (died 1223) 1150: Benedetto Antelami – Italian architect and sculptor of the Romanesque school (died 1230)

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    The 1150s BC is a decade which lasted from 1159 BC to 1150 BC. Millennium 2nd millennium BC Centuries 13th century BC 12th century BC 11th century BC Decades 1170s BC 1160s BC 1150s BC 1140s BC 1130s BC Years 1159 BC 1158 BC 1157 BC 1156 BC 1155 BC 1154 BC 1153 BC 1152 BC 1151 BC 1150 BC Categories Births Deaths v t e Events and trends [ edit]

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