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    The 12th century is the period from 1101 to 1200 in accordance with the Julian calendar.In the history of European culture, this period is considered part of the High Middle Ages and is sometimes called the Age of the Cistercians.

  2. The 12th century was the century from 1101 to 1200.. Decades and years. Note: years before or after the 12th century are in italics.

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  3. The Renaissance of the 12th century was a period of many changes at the outset of the High Middle Ages. It included social, political and economic transformations, and an intellectual revitalization of Western Europe with strong philosophical and scientific roots. These changes paved the way for later achievements such as the literary and ...

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    1104: September 3 – St. Cuthbert is reburied in Durham Cathedral (England) and the St. Cuthbert Gospel of St. Johnremoved from his tomb.
    1170: Poet, politician and historian Lu You (陸游) travels on the Grand Canal (China) from Shaoxing to the river Yangtze, recording his progress in a diary.
    Before 1173: Copenhagen Psalterproduced in northern England
    1170: 29 December – Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket is assassinated in Canterbury Cathedral, an event that inspires several plays, notably: Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Becket (1884), T. S. Eliot...
    Early 12th century
    By 1106 Lebor na hUidre by monks of Clonmacnoise
    1108 Dei gesta per Francos by Guibert of Nogent
    c. 1112–18 Gesta principum Polonorum by 'Gallus Anonymus'
    Early 12th century Rhinelandic Rhyming Bible
    c. 1120 Theologia 'Summi Boni' by Peter Abelard
    c. 1121 Sic et Non by Peter Abelard
    c. 1141–42 Historia Ecclesiastica by Orderic Vitalis
    11th or 12th century
    12th century
    By 1111 Deliverance From Error (المنقذ من الضلال, al-munqidh min al-ḍalāl) by Al-Ghazali(spiritual autobiography)
    c. 1111–1115 Vita Mathildis (Life of Mathilda of Tuscany)by Donizone
    Táin Bó Cúailnge (Old Irish version in Lebor na hUidre, by 1106; Middle Irish version in Book of Leinster, c. 1160)
    Ramavataram by Kambar
    Earliest texts of the Tristan and Iseult legend
    c. 1160 Roman d'Enéas
    c. 1100 Culhwch and Olwen
    c. 1155–60 Roman de Troie by Benoît de Sainte-Maure
    c. 1170 Érec et Énide by Chrétien de Troyes
    c. 1175–1200? Roman de toute chevalerie by Thomas de Kent
    Dolopathos, translation of the Seven Wise Mastersmade by Jean de Hauteseille (Joannes de Alta Silva)
    1121 Kalīleh o Demneh (Persian: کلیله و دمنه‎), translation of the Panchatantramade by Abu'l Ma'ali Nasr Allah Munshi
    c. 1184 Architrenius by John of Hauville
    c. 1119 Lyric poetry by William IX, Duke of Aquitaine, in Old Occitanknown
    c. 1124–27 Waka anthology Kin'yō Wakashū (Collection of Gold Leaves) compiled by Minamoto no Shunrai(源 俊頼)
    1140s–1150s Goliardic poetry by Hugh Primasof Orléans
    c. 1151–54 Waka anthology Shika Wakashū (Collection of Word Blossom) compiled by Fujiwara no Akisue(藤原 顕季)
    1191 Itinerarium Cambriae by Gerald of Wales
    1194 Descriptio Cambriaeby Gerald of Wales
    c. 1199? De laude Cestrie by Lucian of Chester
  4. Category:12th century. This category is for articles and events specifically related to the 12th century, which began in the year 1101 and ended in the year 1200 . Note that the year 1200 is included in Category:1200s in the 13th century but is actually part of the 12th century . Wikimedia Commons has media related to 12th century.