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  1. The 16th century BC is a century which lasted from 1600 BC to 1501 BC. Events [ edit ] The royal Grave Circle in Mycenae , Greece (left) and the ' Mask of Agamemnon ' (right) found in one of the graves.

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    1. Polybius' "The Histories" translated into Italian, English, German and French. 2. Mississippian culturedisappears. 3. Medallion rug, variant Star Ushak style, Anatolia (modern Turkey), is made. It is now kept at The Saint Louis Art Museum.


    1. 1501: Michelangelo returns to his native Florence to begin work on the statue David. 2. 1501: Safavid dynasty reunifies Iran and rules over it until 1736. Safavids adopt a Shia branch of Islam. 3. 1501: First Battle of Cannanore between the Third Portuguese Armada and Kingdom of Cochin under João da Nova and Zamorin of Kozhikode's navy marks the beginning of Portuguese conflicts in the Indian Ocean. 4. 1502: First reported African slaves in the New World 5. 1502: The Crimean Khanate sacks...


    1. 1509–10: The 'great plague' in various parts of Tudor England. 2. 1510: Afonso de Albuquerque of Portugal conquers Goain India. 3. 1511: Afonso de Albuquerque of Portugal conquers Malacca, the capital of the Sultanate of Malaccain present-day Malaysia. 4. 1512: Copernicus writes Commentariolus, and proclaims the sun the center of the solar system. 5. 1512: The southern part (historical core) of the Kingdom of Navarre is invaded by Castile and Aragon. 6. 1526: Qutb Shahi dynasty, founded by...

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    The Columbian Exchange introduces many plants, animals and diseases to the Old and New Worlds.
    Introduction of the spinning wheel revolutionizes textileproduction in Europe.
    The letter J is introduced into the English alphabet.
    1500: First portable watch is created by Peter Henlein of Germany.
    1513: Juan Ponce de León sights Florida and Vasco Núñez de Balboa sights the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean.

    Langer, William. An Encyclopedia of World History (5th ed. 1973); highly detailed outline of events online free

  3. Births – Deaths. Establishments – Disestablishments. The 17th century BC was a century which lasted from 1700 BC to 1601 BC. Nebra sky disk, central Europe 1600 BC. The inlaid gold depicted the crescent moon and the Pleiades star cluster in a specific arrangement forming the earliest known depiction of celestial phenomena.

  4. 1500 BC: Coalescence of a number of cultural traits including undecorated pottery, megalithic burials, and millet-bean-rice agriculture indicate the beginning of the Mumun Pottery Period in the Korean peninsula. c. 1490 BC: Cranaus, legendary King of Athens, is deposed after a reign of 10 years by his son-in-law Amphictyon of Thessaly, son of ...

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    590s BC

    1. Mid-6th century BC: Foundation of Temple of Olympian Zeus (Athens). 2. 598 BC: Jehoiachin succeeds Jehoiakim as King of Judah. 3. 16 March 597 BC: Babylonians capture Jerusalem, replace Jehoiachin with Zedekiahas king. 4. 595 BC: Psammetichus II succeeds Necho II as King of Egypt. 5. 594 BC: Solon appointed Archon of Athens; institutes democratic reforms. 6. 590 BC: Egyptian army sacks Napata, compelling the Cushite court to move to a more secure location at Meroe near the sixth Cataract.

    580s BC

    1. 589 BC: Apries succeeds Psammetichus II as King of Egypt. 2. 588 BC: Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylon begins siege of Jerusalem; some sources set the date at 587 BC. 3. 587 BC/586 BC: Jerusalem falls to the Babylonians, ending the Kingdom of Judah. The conquerors destroy Solomon's Temple and exile the land's remaining inhabitants. Babylonian Captivityfor the Jews begins. 4. 586 BC: death of King Ding of Zhou, King of the Zhou Dynasty of China 5. 28 May 585 BC: A solar eclipse occurs as predict...

    570s BC

    1. 579 BC: Servius Tullius succeeds the assassinated Lucius Tarquinius Priscus as King of Rome(traditional date). 2. 573 BC: Nemean Games founded at Nemea(traditional date). 3. 572 BC: Death of King Jian of Zhou, King of the Zhou Dynasty of China. 4. 571 BC: King Ling of Zhou becomes King of the Zhou Dynasty of China. 5. 570 BC: Amasis II succeeds Apries as King of Egypt. 6. 570 BC: Pythagoras of Samosis born (approximate date). 7. 570 BC: End of the Babylonian siege against the city of Tyre...

    The earliest operation for treating Lithiasis treatment is given in Sushruta Samhita(India).
    First archaeological surveys of the Arabian peninsula by Babylonian King Nabonidus
    Cataract surgery was known to Indian Physician Sushruta.
    Sunshu Ao (孫叔敖), China's first hydraulic engineer, creates an enormous artificial reservoir by damming a river for a massive irrigation project while employed in the service of King Zhuang of Chu(d...


    1. Anhui Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and Bengbu Museum (June 2015). "The Excavation of the tomb of Bai, Lord of the Zhongli State". Chinese Archaeology. Berlin, Boston: Walter de Gruyter. 14 (1): 62–85. doi:10.1515/char-2014-0008.

  5. The 16th century BC is a century which lasted from 1600 BC to 1501 BC.Events The royal Grave Circle in Mycenae, Greece (left) and the ' Mask of Agamemnon ' (right) found in one of the graves. 1700 BC – 1500 BC: Hurrian conquests.

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