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    3月31日(宝永82月13日) - 井伊直該が大老に再任。 6月11日(宝永84月25日) - 改元して正徳元年; 江戸で最古の節句人形店が(六代目以降に吉野屋徳兵衛と名乗り、吉徳)江戸浅草茅町(現所在地と同)に創業。

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    17897月14日 - オスカル・フランソワ・ド・ジャルジェ - バスティーユ襲撃の際、民衆を援護すべく参戦してバスティーユ牢獄を砲撃するも指揮官を潰そうと狙撃されて白旗が揚がるのを見届けて絶命した。

  3. The Great Flood of 1968 was a flood caused by a pronounced trough of low pressure which brought exceptionally heavy rain and thunderstorms to South East England and France in mid-September 1968, with the worst on Sunday 15 September 1968, and followed earlier floods in South West England during July.

  4. Events in the year 1947 in India.It was a very eventful year as it became independent from the British crown, resulting in the split of India and Pakistan. Many people died during partition and India became a democ