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  1. Indigenous North American stickball is considered to be one of the oldest team sports in North America. Stickball and lacrosse are similar to one another, the game of lacrosse is a tradition belonging to tribes of the Northern United States and Canada; stickball, on the other hand, continues in Oklahoma and parts of the Southeastern U.S. where the game originated.

  2. Treaty of Paris (1763) Royal Proclamation (1763) Quebec Act (1774) Constitutional Act (1791) Act of Union (1840) Constitution Act (1867) Supreme Court Act (1875) Constitution Act (1886) British North America Acts (1867–1975) Statute of Westminster (1931) Succession to the Throne Act (1937) Letters Patent (1947) Canada Act (1982) Constitution ...

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    2001 - dj katsuの主催するイベント『熱帯夜』 に、仲間の紹介でtocがmcとして参加した。 その後、DJ KATSUはオーガナイザー兼 DJ 、TOCはMCとして経験を積み、2005Hilcrhymeとして活動をスタートする。

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    20159月16日 far on the water: SECL-1763/4 SECL-1765/6 SECL-1767 SEJL-29/30 2位