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  1. 1935, en Uruguay es demolido el Gran Hotel Pocitos. 1 de enero: en Japón, Mokichi Okada (después llamado Meishu-Sama) creador del johrei (una especie de reiki ), funda el movimiento Sekai kyusei kyo. 6 de enero: en Perú Comienza la 13.ª edición de Copa América.

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    1935 ( MCMXXXV) was a common year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1935th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 935th year of the 2nd millennium, the 35th year of the 20th century, and the 6th year of the 1930s decade. Calendar year.

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    Federal government

    1. President: Franklin D. Roosevelt (D-New York) 2. Vice President: John Nance Garner (D-Texas) 3. Chief Justice: Charles Evans Hughes (New York) 4. Speaker of the House of Representatives: Joseph W. Byrns, Sr. (D-Tennessee) 5. Senate Majority Leader: Joseph Taylor Robinson (D-Arkansas) 6. Congress: 73rd (until January 3), 74th(starting January 3)


    1. January 3 – The trial of Richard Hauptmann, accused of the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr., begins in Flemington, New Jersey. 2. January 11 – Amelia Earhart becomes the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California. 3. January 16 – The FBI kills the Barker Gang, including Ma Barker, in a shootout. 4. February 7 – First known published use of the term "Ivy League". 5. February 13 – Richard Hauptmann is convicted and sentenced to death for the Lindbergh kidnapping. 6. Fe...


    1. April 14 – Dust Bowl: The great Black Sunday dust storm (made famous by Woody Guthriein his "dust bowl ballads") hits hardest in eastern New Mexico and Colorado, and western Oklahoma. 2. April 16 – Fibber McGee and Molly debuts on NBCRadio. 3. May 6 – New Deal: Executive Order 7034 creates the Works Progress Administration(WPA). 4. May 24 – The first nighttime Major League Baseball game is played between the Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies at Crosley Field in Cincinnati. 5. May 2...


    1. July 5 – The National Labor Relations Actbecomes law. 2. July 16 – The world's first parking meters are installed in Oklahoma City. 3. July 16 – Deportivo Saprissa is founded by Roberto Fernández in his shoe store in El Barrio Los Angeles in San José, Costa Rica. 4. July 24 – The Dust Bowl heat wave reaches its peak, sending temperatures in Chicagoto a record-high 109 °F (43 °C) 5. July 27 – Federal Writers' Projectis established. 6. August 2 – The USS Philadelphia (1776) is raised from La...


    1. January 3 – Millard Fuller, American lawyer, founder of Habitat for Humanity (d. 2009) 2. January 4 – Floyd Patterson, African-American heavyweight boxer (d. 2006) 3. January 5 – Ducky Schofield, baseball player 4. January 6 4.1. Gerald R. Molen, actor and producer 4.2. Nino Tempo, singer 5. January 7 – Kenny Davern, American jazz clarinetist (d. 2006) 6. January 8 – Elvis Presley, American rock & roll singer, guitarist and film actor (d. 1977) 7. January 9 7.1. Bob Denver, American actor...


    1. February 2 – Raven Wilkinson, American dancer (d. 2018) 2. February 3 2.1. Johnny "Guitar" Watson, African-American singer, songwriter and musician (d. 1996) 2.2. Jody Williams, African-American blues musician (d. 2018) 3. February 4 – Collin Wilcox, American actress (d. 2009) 4. February 7 – Herb Kohl, American politician 5. February 10 5.1. John Alcorn, American illustrator (d. 1992) 5.2. Eddie Foy III, American actor, film director (d. 2018) 6. February 11 – Gene Vincent, American guita...


    1. March 1 – Robert Conrad, American actor (The Wild Wild West) 2. March 5 – Paul Sand(b. Paul Sanchez), American actor and comedian 3. March 15 3.1. Jimmy Swaggart, American televangelist 3.2. Judd Hirsch, American actor (Taxi) 4. March 17 – Bonnie Cooper, American baseball player (d. 2018) 5. March 19 – Charlie Hennigan, American football player (d. 2017) 6. March 22 – M. Emmet Walsh, American actor 7. March 24 – Walter Moody, American convicted murderer (d. 2018) 8. March 25 – Jim Miceli,...

    January 15 – Marion Howard Brazier, journalist (born 1850)
    January 16
    January 19 – Lloyd Hamilton, silent film comedian (born 1899)
    February 15 – Harry Todd, actor (born 1863)
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    An area of disturbed weather developed northeast of the Turks Islands toward the end of August. By August 31, a definite tropical depression appeared near Long Island in the southeastern Bahamas and quickly intensified. It reached hurricane intensity near the south end of Andros Island on September 1. The storm then explosively intensified and turned toward the Florida Keys at a speed of 10 mph. The storm had an eye 9–10 miles (14–16 km) across. The storm made landfall late on September 2 near Long Key, at peak intensity, with an intensity of 892 millibars (26.3 inHg) and 1-minute sustained winds of 185 mph (295 km/h). After leaving the Keys, the storm weakened as it skirted the Florida gulf coast, making a second landfall at Cedar Keys. The storm sped up and rapidly weakened over the Mid-Atlantic states, causing heavy rainfall, with the highest total being 16.7 inches (420 mm) in Easton, Maryland. The storm finally emerged over the open Atlantic near Cape Henry. The storm continued...

    Northeast storm warnings were ordered displayed from Fort Pierce to Fort Myers in the September 1, 9:30 AM Weather Bureau advisory. Upon receipt of this advisory the U.S. Coast Guard Station, Miami, FL, sent a plane along the coast to advise boaters and campers of the impending danger by dropping message blocks. A second flight was made on Sunday afternoon. All planes were placed in the hangar and its door closed at 10:00 AM Monday. The 3:30 AM advisory, September 2 (Labor Day), predicted the disturbance "will probably pass through the Florida Straits Monday" and cautioned "against high tides and gales Florida Keys and ships in path." The 1:30 PM advisory ordered hurricane warnings for the Key West district which extended north to Key Largo. At around 2:00 PM, Fred Ghent, Assistant Administrator, Florida Emergency Relief Administration, requested a special train to evacuate the veterans work camps located in the upper keys. It departed Miami at 4:25 PM; delayed by a draw bridge open...

    Three ships were reported to have run afoul during the storm. The Danish motorship Leise Maersk was carried over and grounded nearly 4 miles away near Upper Matecumbe Key, although there was no loss of life. The engine room was flooded and the ship was disabled. The American tanker Pueblo lost control near WikiMiniAtlas24°40′N 80°25′W / 24.667°N 80.417°W / 24.667; -80.417 around 2 pm on September 2 and was pushed around the storm's center, ending up in Molasses Reef nearly eight hours later. The passenger steamship Dixie ran aground on French Reef. She was re-floated and towed to New York on September 19. No fatalities resulted from the incident. On Upper Matecumbe Key, near Islamorada, an eleven-car evacuation train encountered a powerful storm surge topped by cresting waves. Eleven cars were swept from the tracks, leaving only the locomotive and tender upright and still on the rails. Remarkably, everyone on the train survived. The locomotive and tender were both barged back to...

    Films and video games

    1. In the 1948 Warner Brothers film Key Largo, Lionel Barrymore describes the horrors of the 1935 hurricane to an anxious Edward G. Robinson, as another hurricane bears down on the Florida Keys. Special effects were used on the Warner lot in the film to re-create a powerful hurricane. 2. The 1997 documentary Hurricane '35: The Deadly Deluge, by Miles Associates Productions, includes interviews with survivors of the 1935 hurricane. Download available at 1935 Hurricane Documentary 27 min. video...

    Novels and short stories

    1. Harlow, Joan (2007). Blown Away!. Simon and Schuster. ISBN 978-1416907817. 2. Lafaye, Vanessa (2015). Under a Dark Summer Sky. Sourcebooks, Inc. ISBN 978-1492612513. 3. Robuck, Erika (2012). Hemingway's Girl. Penguin. ISBN 978-1101599365. 4. Cleeton, Chanel (2020), The Last Train to Key West. Berkley. ASIN: B07YRW5VKW Marjory Stoneman Douglas wrote the short story "September-Remember" soon after the hurricane. It appeared in the Saturday Evening Post; 12/7/1935, Vol. 208, Issue 23, p 12. I...


    1. Best, Gary (1992). FDR and the Bonus Marchers, 1933–1935. Praeger. ISBN 978-0275937157. 2. Dickson and Allen (2006-03-27). The Bonus Army: An American Epic. Walker & Company. ISBN 978-0802777386. 3. Douglas, Marjory (1958). Hurricane. Rinehart. ISBN 978-0891760153. Excerpt:The Florida Keys, 1935 4. Drye, Willie (2002). Storm of the Century: The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. National Geographic Society. ISBN 978-0-7922801-0-1. 5. Gallagher, Dan (2003). Florida's Great Ocean Railway: Building...

    Government publications

    1. United States. Congress. House. Committee on World War Veterans' Legislation. Florida Hurricane Disaster: Hearings Before the Committee On World War Veterans' Legislation, House of Representatives, Seventy-fourth Congress, Second Session, On H.R. 9486, a Bill for the Relief of Widows, Children And Dependent Parents of World War Veterans Who Died As the Result of the Florida Hurricane At Windley Island And Matecumbe Keys September 2, 1935 ... Washington DC: U.S. Govt. Printing Office, 1936....


    1. Seiler, Christine Kay (2003). The Veteran Killer: the Florida Emergency Relief Administration and the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 (Ph.D.). Florida State University. OCLC 79137317.

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    1. Monarch – George V

    Federal government

    1. Governor General – Vere Ponsonby, 9th Earl of Bessborough (until November 2) then John Buchan 2. Prime Minister – Richard B. Bennett (until October 23) then William Lyon Mackenzie King 3. Chief Justice – Lyman Poore Duff (British Columbia) 4. Parliament – 17th(until 14 August)

    January to June

    1. January 2 – Prime Minister R. B. Bennettoutlines his programme 2. March 11 2.1. Bank of Canadaestablished 2.2. The Bank of Canada issues a $500 banknote with Sir John A. Macdonald's portrait and a $1,000 note with Sir Wilfrid Laurier's portrait 3. May 7 – David Dunlap Observatoryopens 4. May 25 – Cabot Monumentunveiled, Montreal 5. June 5 – The On-to-Ottawa Trekbegins 6. June 26 – "Regina Riot": Royal Canadian Mounted Police fire into unarmed crowd of unemployed marchers in Regina, Saskatc...

    July to December

    1. July 5 – Canadian Wheat Boardestablished 2. July 16 – Allison Dysart becomes premier of New Brunswick, replacing Leonard Tilley 3. August 15 – Walter Lea becomes premier of Prince Edward Island for the second time, replacing William J. P. MacMillan 4. August 22 – 1935 Alberta general election: William Aberhart's Social Credit Party (SoCreds) wins a majority, defeating Richard G. Reid's United Farmers of Alberta 5. September 3 – Aberhart becomes premier of Alberta, replacing Reid 6. October...

    April 9 – The Montreal Maroons win their second and final Stanley Cup by defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs 3 games to 0. The deciding game was played at the Montreal Forum. This was the last time a...
    April 13 – The Manitoba Junior Hockey League's Winnipeg Monarchs win their first Memorial Cup by defeating the Northern Ontario Hockey Association's Sudbury Cub Wolves 2 games to 1. All game played...
    December 7 – The Winnipeg 'Pegs become the first western team to win the Grey Cup by defeating the Hamilton Tigers 18 to 12 in the 23rd Grey Cup played at Hamilton Amateur Athletic Association Grounds

    January to June

    1. January 6 – Joseph Rotman, Canadian businessman and philanthropist (d. 2015) 2. January 7 – Rey Pagtakhan, physician, professor, politician and Minister 3. January 10 – Ronnie Hawkins, pioneering rock and roll musician 4. January 14 – Lucille Wheeler, alpine skier, Olympic bronze medalist and World Champion 5. January 18 – Albert Millaire, actor and theatre director (d. 2018) 6. January 21 – Jack Tunney, professional wrestling promoter (d. 2004) 7. January 29 – Christina McCall, political...

    July to December

    1. July 3 – Bill Reichart, ice hockey player 2. July 11 – Bobbie Sparrow, politician 3. July 17 – Donald Sutherland, actor 4. July 23 – Danièle Dorice, singer and teacher (d. 2018) 5. July 24 – Bob McAdorey, television and radio broadcaster (d. 2005) 6. July 25 – Gilbert Parent, politician and 33rd Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons (d. 2009) 7. July 27 7.1. Don Mazankowski, politician and Minister (d. 2020) 7.2. François Barbeau, costume designer (d. 2016) 8. July 29 – Pat Lowther, poe...

    Full date unknown

    1. James Bourque, First Nations activist (d. 1996) 2. Lionel Giroux, midget wrestler (d. 1995) 3. J. Robert Janes, author 4. Alex Janvier, artist 5. Louise Laurin, educator and activist (d. 2013)

    March 15 – James Duncan McGregor, agricultural pioneer, politician and Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba (b. 1860)
    March 16 – John James Richard Macleod, physician, physiologist and Nobel laureate (b. 1876)
    April 10 – Joseph Charles-Émile Trudeau, entrepreneur and father of Pierre Trudeau, who would later become Prime Minister of Canada (b. 1887)
    April 19 – Willis Keith Baldwin, politician (b. 1857)

    On radio, PM Bennett declares "reform means Government intervention[,] control and regulation [and] the end of laissez faire" In current national crisis, Commons Clerk suggests constituent assembly replace British North America Actwith modern constitution Prime Minister Bennett argues need to pass laws that courts will approve of "The trouble is [lack of] accommodation designed objectively for the low wage earner" - House committee calls for national housing policy In election broadcast, Bennettadmits that at his age (65), "ambitions dim, the love of power dies" PM King and President Roosevelt support trade– "another word for increased employment, transportation and consumption" Secretary of State Hull says goal of U.S. foreign policy is to preserve peace of "friends," not of "inequality based on force" Statement of 330 international psychiatrists warns of "evident war-psychosis" in global mentality Tour of Flanders' grave-strewnfields, twenty years later Sports page commentary on w...

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