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  1. Spiral Dynamics ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen im National Values Center, Inc. Unter diesem Namen wird von der Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc eine Theorie über die Entwicklung von menschlichen Weltanschauungsebenen (gewissermaßen das allgemeine „Lebensgefühl“) vermarktet.

  2. In classical mechanics, Euler's rotation equations are a vectorial quasilinear first-order ordinary differential equation describing the rotation of a rigid body, using a rotating reference frame with its axes fixed to the body and parallel to the body's principal axes of inertia.

  3. The remaining dynamics encompass wider fields of action, involving groups, mankind, all life, the physical universe, the spirit, and the Infinity, often associated with the Supreme Being. The optimum solution to any problem is held to be the one that brings the greatest benefit to the greatest number of dynamics. ARC and KRC triangles