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  1. Atia (also Atia Balba) (85 BC – 43 BC) was the niece of Julius Caesar (through his sister Julia Minor), and mother of Gaius Octavius, who became the Emperor Augustus. Through her daughter Octavia , she was also the great-grandmother of Germanicus and his brother, emperor Claudius .

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    Caesar Augustus (23 September 63 BC – 19 August AD 14), ... His mother, Atia, was the niece of Julius Caesar. A denarius from 44 BC, ...

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    The gens Marcia (Marcia), occasionally written Martia, was one of the oldest and noblest houses at ancient Rome.They claimed descent from the second and fourth Roman Kings, and the first of the Marcii appearing in the history of the Republic would seem to have been patrician; but all of the families of the Marcii known in the later Republic were plebeian.

  4. The basis for this character is the early life of Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. Lindsay Duncan as Servilia of the Junii – The mother of Marcus Junius Brutus, lover of the married Julius Caesar, and enemy of Atia of the Julii.

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    On his mother's side, he was the oldest grandson of emperor Augustus. He was the stepson of Tiberius by his mother Julia's marriage to him, and brother in law of Claudius by his sister Agrippina the Elder's marriage to Germanicus. He also was the uncle of Caligula, who was the son of his sister Agrippina.

  6. Full sister to Augustus, Octavia was the only daughter born of Gaius Octavius' second marriage to Atia, niece of Julius Caesar. Octavia was born in Nola, present-day Italy; her father, a Roman governor and senator, died in 59 BC from natural causes. Her mother later remarried, to the consul Lucius Marcius Philippus.

  7. Imperium: Augustus is a 2003 joint British-Italian production, and part of the Imperium series. It tells of the life story of Octavian and how he became Augustus . Half the film takes place in the past (as Augustus explains to his daughter Julia how he became who he is) and the other half takes place in the later life of Augustus.