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  1. Conservatism in the United Kingdom is related to its counterparts in other Western nations, but has a distinct tradition and has encompassed a wide range of theories over the decades of Conservatism. The Conservative Party, which forms the mainstream centre-right party in Britain, has developed many different internal factions and ideologies.

  2. This page gives an overview of the complex structure of environmental and cultural conservation in the United Kingdom. With the advent of devolved government for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and of evolving regional government for England, the responsibilities for environment and conservation in the United Kingdom have become more complicated. There follows a list of the legislation, conservation bodies, and conservation designations, which work together to conserve and ...

  3. Conservatism in the United Kingdom 0–9 18 Doughty Street A Anglican Mainstream Anti-pornography movement in the United Kingdom B Robert Hugh Benson British neoconservatism Jack Buckby C Thomas Carlyle Compassionate conservatism Charles C. W. Cooke D Theodore Dalrymple Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells E Paul Embery English Mistery F Nigel Farage

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    Conservatism - Wikipedia Conservatism This article is about conservatism as a political and social philosophy. For other uses of conservatism and conservative, see Conservatism (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Conservationism. Part of a series on Conservatism Variants Cultural Fiscal Green Liberal Libertarian National Paternalistic

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