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  1. › wiki › OpenEXROpenEXR - Wikipedia

    OpenEXR is a high-dynamic range, multi-channel raster file format, released as an open standard along with a set of software tools created by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), under a free software license similar to the BSD license.

  2. › wiki › Lossy_data_compressionLossy compression - Wikipedia

    Lossy compression is most commonly used to compress multimedia data (audio, video, and images), especially in applications such as streaming media and internet telephony. By contrast, lossless compression is typically required for text and data files, such as bank records and text articles.

  3. Le compresseur réduit le niveau du signal audio quand son amplitude dépasse un certain seuil (threshold), dans le rapport de compression (ratio) choisi.Il transmet tel quel un signal dont le niveau est constamment en dessous du seuil ; il atténue un signal de niveau constant au-dessus du seuil de telle sorte que le niveau augmente ratio fois moins vite que celui d'un signal non traité.