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  1. George III of Guria - Wikipedia › wiki › Giorgi_III_Gurieli

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Giorgi III Gurieli) Giorgi III Gurieli (Georgian: გიორგი III გურიელი; died 1684), of the Georgian House of Gurieli, was Prince of Guria from 1669 to 1684 and King of Imereti from 1681 to 1683.

  2. George III of Georgia - Wikipedia › wiki › George_III_of_Georgia

    George III (Georgian: გიორგი III) (died 27 March 1184), of the Bagrationi dynasty, was the King of Georgia from 1156 to 1184. His reign was part of what would be called the Georgian Golden Age – a historical period in the High Middle Ages, during which the Kingdom of Georgia reached the peak of its military power and development.

  3. George III Dadiani - Wikipedia › wiki › Giorgi_III_Dadiani
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    Giorgi III Dadiani was Prince of Mingrelia, of the House of Dadiani, from 1572 to 1573 and again from 1578 until his death. He was a son and successor of Levan I Dadiani. Giorgi Dadiani's hold of power in Mingrelia, one of those states that had emerged after the disintegration of the Kingdom of Georgia in the 15th century, was challenged by the neighboring ruler, Giorgi Gurieli, Prince of Guria, and his own younger brother, Mamia IV. In 1573, they succeeded in ousting Giorgi, who was only able t

    Giorgi Dadiani succeeded his father, Levan I Dadiani, as Prince of Mingrelia, on his death in 1572, according to Prince Vakhushti, or on his deposition in 1546, according to Toumanoff. Giorgi's rule was dominated by complex relations with the neighboring Georgian dynasts, particu

    While Giorgi Dadiani resided in exile, Gurieli succeeded in securing Mamia's recognition from the king of Imereti, but Mingrelia had to cede to the crown the former estates of the Chiladze noble family, which had been acquired by Levan I Dadiani. In despair, Giorgi Dadiani approa

    For a few years, peace reigned in Mingrelia, but, c. 1580, Giorgi Dadiani's uncle Batulia, the lord of Sajavakho, whom the Mingrelian ruler had earlier humiliated by taking his wife, plotted a revolt. Dadiani mobilized his loyal forces in time; Batulia had to flee to Guria. In ex

    Giorgi III Dadiani was married three times. His first wife was Rodam, a daughter of Rostom Gurieli, Prince of Guria, whom he divorced in 1564 and took the wife of his own uncle Batulia, a Circassian princess. His third wife was Tamar, from the Abkhazian princely dynasty of Shervashidze, a sister-in-law of George II of Imereti. Giorgi had the only son Levan. He might also had a daughter, Ana, who was married to Giorgi Lipartiani, lord of Salipartiano.

  4. George III of Imereti - Wikipedia › wiki › Giorgi_III_of_Imereti

    George III (Georgian: გიორგი III) (died 1639), of the Bagrationi Dynasty, was a king of Imereti from 1605 to 1639.

  5. Giorgi III. - › wiki › Giorgi_III

    Giorgi III. ( Georgiano გიორგი III; † 27 de marzo de 1184) fue rey de Georgia desde 1156 hasta 1184 . Vida. Era el hijo menor del rey Dimitris I y junto a su abuelo David IV el rey más importante de la Georgia medieval.

  6. Giorgi III. – Wikipedia › wiki › Giorgi_III

    Giorgi III. (georgisch გიორგი III; † 27. März 1184) war von 1156 bis 1184 König von Georgien. Leben. Er war der jüngste Sohn König Dimitris I. und neben seinem Großvater David IV. der bedeutendste König des mittelalterlichen Georgiens.

    • 12. Jahrhundert
    • Giorgi III.
    • georgischer König
    • 27. März 1184
  7. Giorgi III. - › wiki › Giorgi_III

    This page is based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article "Giorgi_III." ; it is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the CC-BY-SA. Cookie-policy; To contact us: mail to

  8. George II Gurieli - Wikipedia › wiki › Giorgi_II_Gurieli

    In modern historiography, he is sometimes assigned the regnal number "III" by virtue of his being the third Giorgi with the style of Gurieli, the first being a son of Kakhaber I Gurieli in the 14th century and the second being Giorgi Gurieli, ruling from 1483 to 1512.

  9. Dadiani - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Dadiani

    Giorgi III Dadiani (1546-1573, 1574-1582) Mamia IV Dadiani (1574, 1582-1590) Manuchar I Dadiani (1590-1611) Levan II Dadiani (1611-1657) Liparit III Dadiani (1657-1658) Vameq III Dadiani (1658-1661) Levan III Dadiani (1661-1681) Levan IV Dadiani (1681-1691) Giorgi IV Dadiani (Lipartiani) (1700-1704, 1710-1714) Katsia I Dadiani (1704-1710)

  10. Mingrelia - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Megrelianos

    En 1678 Leván III Dadiani se rebeló y ofreció el trono a Archil (Shah Nazar Khan). Thamar fue escondida en la fortaleza de Skanda, pero Archil la ocupó y entregó a Thamar a su aliado Levan. Entonces Giorgi Gurieli se levantó, y con ayuda turca atacó a Archil, que huyó a Racha, y Bagrat fue proclamado rey, entrando en Mingrelia y derrotando a Leván.

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