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  1. Lancaster House (originally known as York House and then Stafford House) is a mansion in the St James's district in the West End of London. It is close to St James's Palace, and much of the site was once part of the palace complex. This Grade I listed building is now managed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office . Contents 1 History

  2. La Lancaster House es una mansión situada en el distrito de St. James, en el West End de Londres. Está muy cerca del Palacio de St. James y la mayor parte de la mansión formó parte del complejo del palacio.

    • Origin of The Earls of Lancaster
    • Duchy and Palatinate of Lancaster
    • Reign of Henry IV
    • Henry V and The Hundred Years' War
    • Henry Vi and The Fall of The House of Lancaster
    • Legacy
    • Coats of Arms
    • See Also

    After the supporters of Henry III of England suppressed opposition from the English nobility in the Second Barons' War, Henry granted to his second son Edmund Crouchback the titles and possessions forfeited by attainder of the barons' leader, Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, including the Earldom of Leicester, on 26 October 1265. Later gra...

    Henry's son, also named Henry, was born at the castle of Grosmont in Monmouthshire between 1299 and 1314. According to the younger Henry's memoirs, he was better at martial arts than academic subjects and did not learn to read until later in life. Henry was coeval with Edward III and was pivotal to his reign, becoming his best friend and most trust...

    There is much debate among historians about Henry's accession, in part because some see it as a cause of the Wars of the Roses. For many historians, the accession by force of the throne broke principles the Plantagenets had established successfully over two and a half centuries and allowed any magnate with sufficient power and Plantagenet blood to ...

    Henry V of England was a successful and ruthless monarch. He was quick to re-assert the claim to the French throne he inherited from Edward III, continuing what was later called the Hundred Years' War. The war was not a formal, continuous conflict but a series of English raids and military expeditions from 1337 until 1453. There were six major roya...

    The Hundred Years' War caused political division between the Lancastrians and the other Plantagenets during the minority of Henry VI: Bedford wanted to maintain the majority of the Lancastrians' French possessions; Humphrey of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Gloucester wanted to hold only Calais; and Cardinal Beaufort desired a negotiated peace. Gloucester'...

    Shakespeare's history plays

    Historians have been dismayed by Shakespeare's influence on the perception of the later medieval period exceeding that of academic research. While the chronology of Shakespeare's history plays runs from King John to Henry VIII, they are dominated by eight plays in which members of the House of Lancaster play a significant part, voicing speeches on a par with those in Hamlet and King Lear.These plays are: 1. Richard II 2. Henry IV, Part 1 3. Henry IV, Part 2 4. Henry V 5. Henry VI, Part 1 6. H...


    Lancastrian cognatic descent from John of Gaunt and Blanche's daughter Phillipa continued in the royal houses of Spain and Portugal. The remnants of the Lancastrian court party coalesced support around Henry Tudor—a relatively unknown scion of the Beauforts. They had been amongst the most ardent supporters of the House of Lancaster and were descended illegitimately from John of Gaunt by his mistress Katherine Swynford. However John of Gaunt and Katherine subsequently married and their childre...

    Religion, education and the arts

    The Lancastrians were both pious and well read. Henry IV was the first English king known to have possessed a vernacular Bible, supported the canonization of John Twenge, gave a pension to the anchoress Margaret Pensax and maintained close relations with several Westminster recluses. His household accounts as king record conventional payments to large numbers of paupers (12,000 on Easter day 1406) and the intercession for him of twenty-four oratores domini regis at 2d each per day. However, h...

    Lancaster badges

    The Red Rose of Lancaster derives from the gold rose badge of Edward I of England. Other members of his family used variants of the royal badge, with the king's brother, the Earl of Lancaster, using a red rose. It is believed that the Red Rose of Lancaster was the House of Lancaster's badge during the Wars of the Roses. Evidence for this "wearing of the rose" includes land tenure records requiring service of a red rose yearly for a manor held directly from Henry VI of England. There are, howe...

    Background information on the Act that enable the House of Lancaster to accumulate its vast holdings can be found at Quia Emptores
    Further information on the Lancastrian descent in Portugal and Spain – Philippa of Lancaster, Jorge de Lencastre, Duke of Coimbra, John of Lencastre, 1st Duke of Aveiro
  3. Lancaster House (Mánchester) Lancaster House es un edificio situado en Whitworth Street, en la ciudad de Mánchester, ( Inglaterra ). Se construyó entre 1905 y 1910, como almacén de embalaje y exportación para la sociedad Lloyd's Packing Warehouses Limited. Está proyectado en un estilo barroco eduardiano en ladrillo rojo y terracota. 1

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    Die Stadtresidenz wurde ab 1825 für Friedrich August, Herzog von York und Albany, zweiter Sohn Georgs III. und Bruder Georgs IV., im klassizistischenStil errichtet. Nachdem der Bauherr im Jahr 1827 verstorben war, gelangte das halbfertige York House in den Besitz der reichen Adelsfamilie Stafford-Sutherland. Das im Jahr 1843 fertiggestellte Staffor...

    Das hauptsächlich von Charles Barry und Benjamin Dean Wyatt geschaffene Interieur von Lancaster House ist immer noch prächtig, mit kräftigen Farben in einer weiß-goldenen Umgebung. Zu den architektonischen Glanzlichtern gehört die zentrale Treppenhalle, die bis zum Dach des Gebäudes reicht. Den Abschluss bildet eine gewölbte, von Karyatidenunterstü...

    Treppenhalle und Räumlichkeiten des Lancaster House dienten als Kulisse in der US-amerikanisch-britisch-französischen Filmkomödie Ernst sein ist alles (nach Oscar Wildes The Importance of Being Earnest) aus dem Jahr 2002, für die Schlussszene in The King’s Speech (2010) und als Treppenhaus im Buckingham Palace für die Netflix-Serie The Crown(seit 2...

    Bamber Gascoigne: Encyclopedia of Britain. BCA, London u. a. 1993, ISBN 0-333-54764-0, S. 359.
    Peter Furtado, Nathaniel Harris, Hazel Harrison, Paul Pettit: The Country Life Book of Castles and Houses in Britain. Newnes Books, Twickenham 1986, ISBN 0-600-56400-2, S. 83.
  4. The Lancaster House Agreement, signed on 21 December 1979, declared a ceasefire, ending the Rhodesian Bush War; and directly led to Rhodesia achieving internationally recognised independence as Zimbabwe. It required the full resumption of direct British rule, nullifying the Unilateral Declaration of Independence of 1965.

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    relacionados con: Lancaster House wikipedia
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