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  1. The Dictionary of Old English (DOE) is a dictionary of the Old English language, published by the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, under the direction of Angus Cameron, Ashley Crandell Amos, and Antonette diPaolo Healey.

  2. The Old English Latin alphabet (Old English: Læden stæfrof) generally consisted of 24 letters, and was used for writing Old English from the 8th to the 12th centuries. Of these letters, 20 were directly adopted from the Latin alphabet , two were modified Latin letters ( Æ , Ð ), and two developed from the runic alphabet ( Ƿ , Þ ).

  3. O Antigo Buldogue inglês(em inglês: old english bulldog), cão já extinto, teve sua origem na Grã Bretanha, e foi muito popular em toda a Europa até meados do século XIX. [1] [2] Hoje há uma nova raça criada nos anos 1970 que possui nome semelhante, a Olde English Bulldogge (são raças distintas), e não devem ser confundidas.

  4. The problem the Old Testament authors faced was that a good God must have had just reason for bringing disaster (meaning notably, but not only, the Babylonian exile) upon his people. The theme is played out, with many variations, in books as different as the histories of Kings and Chronicles, the prophets like Ezekiel and Jeremiah, and in the wisdom books like Job and Ecclesiastes.

  5. Old Boy, manga écrit par Garon Tsuchiya et dessiné par Nobuaki Minegishi ; Old Boy , film sud-coréen sorti en 2003 ; Old Boy , film américain sorti en 2013 , autre adaptation du manga