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    Ambiguities in the treaties that ceded Outer Manchuria to Russia led to dispute over the political status of several islands. The Kuomintang government in Taiwan (Formosa) complained to the United Nations , which passed resolution 505 on February 1, 1952, denouncing Soviet actions over the violations of the 1945 Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance .

  2. With the Song dynasty to the south, the Khitan people of Western Manchuria, who probably spoke a language related to the Mongolic languages, created the Liao dynasty in Inner and Outer Mongolia and conquered the region of Manchuria, and went on to control the adjacent part of the Sixteen Prefectures in Northern China as well.

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    外満洲(そとまんしゅう、英: Outer Manchuria )は、満洲地域のうち、1858年のアイグン条約と1860年の北京条約で、清からロシア帝国に割譲された部分である。北満洲(きたまんしゅう)ともいい、中国では外東北と呼ばれる。

  4. La región de Hulunbuir, en lo que ahora es el noreste de Mongolia Interior, era parte de la jurisdicción del General de Heilongjiang, uno de los tres que tenía Manchuria. Independencia [ editar ] Escudo del Kanato de Mongolia (1911-1924)