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  1. 1718: The city of New Orleans is founded by the French in North America. 1718: Blackbeard (Edward Teach) is killed by Robert Maynard in a North Carolina inlet on the inner side of Ocracoke Island. 1718 – 1730: Tulip period of the Ottoman Empire. 1719: The Spanish attempt to restart the Jacobite rebellion fails.

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    The 18th century lasted from January 1, 1701 ( MDCCI) to December 31, 1800 ( MDCCC ). During the 18th century, elements of Enlightenment thinking culminated in the American, French, Polish, and Haitian revolutions. During the century, slave trading and human trafficking expanded across the shores of the Atlantic, while declining in Russia, [1 ...

  3. 1782. December 14, The Montgolfier brothers first test fly an unmanned hot air balloon in France; it floats nearly 2 km (1.2 mi). 1783. June 4, Unmanned flight of the Montgolfier brothers 900 m linen Montgolfière hot air balloon at Annonay near Lyon in the Vivarais region of France as a public demonstration. The flight covers 2 km and lasts 10 ...

  4. This is a timeline of the 18th century. 1700s. John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough. The Battle of Poltava in 1709 turned the Russian Empire into a European power.

  5. 1830: July Revolution in France. 1830: The Belgian Revolution in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands led to the creation of Belgium. 1830: Greater Colombia dissolved and the nations of Colombia (including modern-day Panama), Ecuador, and Venezuela took its place. 1830: November Uprising in Poland against Russia.