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  1. Volkswagen (pronunciación en alemán: [fɔlksˌvaːɡŋ̍] ) es un fabricante de automóviles alemán con sede en Wolfsburgo, Baja Sajonia (). [2] Volkswagen es la marca original y más vendida del Grupo Volkswagen, primer fabricante de automóviles del mundo al año 2021.

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    Volkswagen (German: [ˈfɔlksˌvaːɡn̩] (); shortened to VW ()) is a German motor vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.Founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front, known for their iconic Beetle, it is the flagship brand of the Volkswagen Group, the largest car maker by worldwide sales in 2016 and 2017.

    • 28 May 1937; 84 years ago
    • Wolfsburg, Germany
  3. Volkswagen de México S.A. de C.V. es la empresa filial de Volkswagen establecida en 1964 en las afueras de la ciudad mexicana de Puebla, específicamente en el Municipio de Cuautlancingo, donde aproximadamente laboran unas 14,000 personas lo que la convierte en uno de los complejos automotrices más grandes de México y la segunda planta más grande del mundo del consorcio fuera de Alemania.

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    1937 to 1945

    Volkswagen ('People's car' in German) was founded in Berlin as the Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH ('Limited Liability Company for the preparation of the German People's Car', abbreviated to Gezuvor) by the National Socialist Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front) and incorporated on 28 May 1937. The purpose of the company was to manufacture the Volkswagen car, originally referred to as the Porsche Type 60, then the Volkswagen Type 1, and commonly called the V...

    1945 to 1970

    After the war in Europe, in June 1945, Major Ivan Hirst of the British Army Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) took control of the bomb-shattered factory, and restarted production, pending the expected disposal of the plant as war reparations. However, no British car manufacturer was interested; "the vehicle does not meet the fundamental technical requirement of a motor-car … it is quite unattractive to the average buyer … To build the car commercially would be a completely unec...

    1970 to 1999

    From the late 1970s to 1992, the acronym V.A.G.was used by Volkswagen AG as a brand for group-wide activities, such as distribution and leasing. Contrary to popular belief, "V.A.G." had no official meaning, and was never the formal name of the Volkswagen Group. On 30 September 1982, Volkswagenwerk made its first step expanding outside Germany by signing a co-operation agreement with the Spanish car manufacturer SEAT, S.A. To reflect the company's increasing global diversification from its hea...

    For the fiscal year 2018, Volkswagen reported earnings of €13.920 billion, with an annual revenue of €235.849 billion, an increase of 2.2% over the previous fiscal cycle. Volkswagen's shares traded at over €148 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at US$73.8 billion in November 2018.

    Rooted in Europe, the Volkswagen Group operates in 153 countries. Volkswagen Passenger Cars is the Group's original marque, and the other major subsidiaries include passenger car marques such as Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, and Škoda. Volkswagen AG also has operations in commercial vehicles, owning Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, along with controlling stakes in truck, bus and diesel engine manufacturers Scania AB and MAN SE.


    Under the Volkswagen Law, no shareholder in Volkswagen AG could exercise more than 20 percent of the firm's voting rights, regardless of their level of stock holding. This law was supposed to protect Volkswagen Group from takeovers. In October 2005, Porscheacquired an 18.53 percent stake in the business, and in July 2006, Porsche increased that ownership to more than 25 percent. Analysts disagreed as to whether the investment was a good fit for Porsche's strategy. On 26 March 2007, after the...

    Stock market listings

    Volkswagen AG shares are primarily traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and are listed under the 'VOW' and 'VOW3' stock ticker symbols. First listed in August 1961, the shares were issued at a price of DM 350 per DM 100 share, Volkswagen AG shares are now separated into two different types or classes: 'ordinary shares' and 'preference shares'. The ordinary shares are now traded under the WKN766400 and ISIN DE0007664005 listings, and the preference shares under the WKN 766403 and ISIN DE000...

    Leadership, sales and market share

    In 2018, Volkswagen Group's largest single country market was Chinawith 4.20 million units delivered, followed by Germany with 1.12 million units. Divided by regions, Asia-Pacific was the second-largest market of the Volkswagen Group with 4.50 million units in 2013, followed by Western Europe with 4.14 million, and North America with 943,000 units delivered in 2018. The European ranking of automakers is compiled monthly by the European Auto Manufacturers' Association ACEA.Volkswagen has held...

    Volkswagen is heavily involved in sports sponsorship, with investments having included the 2008 Summer Olympics, the 2014 Winter Olympics, as well as the David Beckham Academy. Volkswagen AG wholly owns the Bundesliga football side VfL Wolfsburg; the company is also the shirt sponsor of Major League Soccer club D.C. United, League of Ireland Premier Division Sligo Rovers and top level of the Mexican football league system Liga MX team Puebla F.C.

    Corporate documents

    1. "1937-1945 The Foundation of the Volkswagen Plant". Volkswagen Chronicle. Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft. 2008. Archived from the original (PDF) on 8 August 2014. Retrieved 8 August 2012. 2. "VOLKSWAGEN AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Articles of Association As at August 2012" (PDF). VOLKSWAGEN AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT. August 2012. Archived from the original (PDF) on 8 August 2014. Retrieved 15 August 2012. 3. "Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft Annual Report 2007" (PDF). Volks...

    Clippings about Volkswagen Group in the 20th Century Press Archives of the ZBW
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    In the 1930s Adolf Hitler was looking for someone who could make a cheap car that the common German worker could afford. At the same time, Ferdinand Porsche had been working for years on a cheap car that could hold a family and would drive like a real car, not a micro car. He had already designed and built small cars with rear engines and shaped like a beetle (for better aerodynamics). At this time, owning a car in Germany was something only for the rich people, and most car companies were not interested in making a low-cost car. Porsche's company, also called Porsche, only made designs for others at that time. So Porsche could not find anyone to make the small car that he wanted. Though Hitler never learned to drive, he was very interested in cars (he also created the autobahn, which led to the U.S. interstate highways). Hitler wanted the car to hold four people. It was to be cooled by oil instead of water. The car needed to be able to travel at least 100 km/h, or about 60 mph, and...

    Some of Volkswagen's popular cars are the Golf, Jetta, Polo,Beetle and the Passat. VW's as they are commonly known, have also entered the off road segment with cars like the Touarag, and the commercial segment with the Touran. This year sees VW's 21st anniversary since the Golf 1 went on sale in the 1980s. Since its birth VW has sold over 315,000 units of the Golf 1 alone. 2006 saw the entry of the fifth generation of the Golf. The flagbearer - the GTI - is powered by a 147Kw 2.0l 4 cylinder turbo charged engine,with VW DSG and FSI technology. The Golf GTI has evolved a long way since the 80's but the fifth generation GTI is criticised by some as it does not live up to the expectations and standards set by the legendary Mk1 GTI, which was fitted with an 1600, 8 valve motor.


    1. Type 1: Beetle(also known as "Bug"), Karmann Ghia, and some specialty models, like the Fridolin, a mini-delivery van 2. Type 2: Bus(several styles, like an ambulance version, a camper van, and the 21-window touring van) 3. Type 3: Squareback, Notchback and Fastback In 1968 these cars were the first general production cars in the world to have fuel-injection 4. Type 4: 411-412 - not many were sold, but the large fuel-injected engine, made in common with Porschefor the Porsche 914, was later...


    The water-cooled line was started in 1974. 1. Golf(or Rabbit) 2. Fox 3. Jetta 4. Passat(or Dasher) 5. Polo 6. Transporter(or Eurovan) 7. Touareg 8. New Beetle 9. Eos 10. Sharan 11. Tiguan 12. Touran

    Volkswagen Germany (in German)
    Volkswagen México - History Archived 2013-01-27 at the Wayback Machine
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    Vehículo todo eléctrico

    El Volkswagen e-Golf se comercializa desde 2014. Tiene una potencia de 85 kW (116 CV). Su velocidad máxima es de 140 km/h. Acelera de 0 a 100 en 10,4 segundos. Cuenta con una autonomía de 110 km a 120 km en condiciones reales.[1]​[2]​

    Volkswagen Golf GTE

    El Golf GTE es un vehículo híbrido enchufable (PHEV) del Golf presentado en el 2014 en Salón de Ginebra . El Golf GTE comparte el sistema de propulsión con el Audi A3 e-tron Sportback, pero los controles de software son diferentes. El Golf GTE también comparte el mismo tren de propulsión que el Volkswagen PassatGTE, pero el Passat tiene un mayor paquete de baterías de ion-litio de 9,9 kWh. El GTE posee un motor de gasolina de 1,4 litros (148 CV, 110 kW) de inyección directa TSI combinado con...

    El Volkswagen Golf VI fue proclamado el Automóvil Mundial del Año 2009. Un jurado integrado por 59 periodistas especializados de 25 países y una nómina inicial de 51 nuevos modelos provenientes de todo el mundo, se redujo a solo 10 finalistas, en la que los tres primeros lugares compitieron por el título de Auto Mundial del Año 2009. El mayor premio del periodismo europeo es el Coche del Año en Europa. En 1973 la primera generación quedó en segundo lugar, y el Golf II quedó tercero en 1984. En 1992 el título fue finalmente conquistado, por delante del Opel Astra y el Citroën ZX. En 1998 el Golf IV quedó segundo tras el Alfa Romeo 156, en tanto que la quinta y sexta generación alcanzaron el tercer lugar del podio en 2004 y 2009 respectivamente. Este mismo premio le fue otorgado y anunciado en marzo de 2013. El Golf GTI I fue nombrado mejor automóvil de la historia por Auto Express, segundo por 4Car, 39º por Automobile, y tercero entre los deportivos de los años 1980 por Sports Car In...

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