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  1. La Universidad de Bamberg es una universidad pública alemana. Nacida de la antigua Academia Ottoniana, fundada en 1647, cuenta hoy con cuatro facultades: 2 Filosofía y Letras, Teología, Geografía y Ciencias de la Cultura Psicología y Ciencias de la Educación Ciencias Sociales y Económicas Informática Empresarial e Informática Aplicada

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    Bamberg is located in Franconia, 63 km (39 mi) north of Nuremberg by railway and 101 km (63 mi) east of Würzburg, also by rail. It is situated on the Regnitz river, 3 km (1.9 mi) before it flows into the Main river. Its geography is shaped by the Regnitz and by the foothills of the Steigerwald, part of the German uplands.

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    Die Stadt ist in der Landesplanung als Oberzentrumdes westlichen Oberfrankens ausgewiesen und zählt zur Metropolregion Nürnberg. Bamberg hat rund 77.000 Einwohner und ist damit die größte Stadt Oberfrankens, die Agglomerationhat rund 117.000 Einwohner. [3]

    • 54,62 km²
    • 262 m ü. NHN
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    Many tourists visit the beautiful city of Bamberg. A good place to start is by the statue of Neptune in the pedestrian precinct. The Bambergers call this statue Gabelmannbecause Neptune is holding his three-pronged fork (“Gabel”). The area here is called the Grüner Markt (Green Market). This place became centre of the bourgeois settlement which dev...

    Bamberg is home to the world-famous Bamberger Symphonikerwho perform in a new concert hall a short distance from the town centre. There are also many other music groups, including the Musica Canterey Bamberg who perform old music in some of the historical buildings. The 19th century German writer E.T.A.Hoffmannlived in Bamberg. There is a new theat...

    Bamberg has a railway station from where one can travel to other large towns such as Würzburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Leipzig, Berlin and Hamburg as well as to other towns in eastern Upper Franconia such as Forchheim, Lichtenfels, Coburg, and Kronach. Bamberg is served by Bamberg-Breitenau Airfield. At "Flugplatz Bamberg-Breitenau" are operating mostly...

    There is a University in Bamberg. About 9000 students study there. The university is spread over lots of buildings in the town centre. It is a good way to make use of many of the large, historical buildings. There are good schools in Bamberg including 8 Gymnasien. Pupils often choose which one to go to according to the subjects they are good at, be...

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    1. Bergstadt ("Hilltown")
    2. Gaustadt (Gaustadt)
    3. Gartenstadt ("Gardentown")
    4. Bug (Bug)

    Bamberg is famous for its beer. There are ten breweries in the town, of which the most famous is Schlenkerlawhich makes smoked beer (Rauchbier). The ten breweries are: 1. Schlenkerla(since 1678) 2. Spezial (since 1635) 3. Kaiserdom(since 1718) 4. Fässla (since 1649) 5. Ambräusianum (since 2004) 6. Greifenklau (since ca. 1700) 7. Klosterbräu (since ...

    Basketball clubs: Brose Baskets Bamberg
    Football (soccer) clubs: 1. FC Eintracht Bamberg, ASV Gaustadt, DJK Don Bosco Bamberg, Wacker Bamberg, DJK Gaustadt, ETSV Bamberg, ASV Viktoria Bamberg, Post SV Bamberg
    Old Town Hall
    Old Town Hall with both bridges
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    "Little Venice"
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    Bamberg is a Landkreis in Bavaria, Germany. It surrounds but does not include the town of Bamberg. The district is bounded by the districts of Lichtenfels, Bayreuth, Forchheim, Erlangen-Höchstadt, Neustadt -Bad Windsheim, Kitzingen, Schweinfurt and Haßberge.

    The history of the district is linked with the history of Bamberg. In 1862 the districts of Bamberg-West and Bamberg-East were established. They were merged in 1929. The present borders were established in 1972, when portions of the adjoining district of Erlangen-Höchstadt were annexed.

    The district surrounds the town of Bamberg. The western half of the district is occupied by the Steigerwald, a hilly forest region. In the east there is the hill chain of the Franconian Jura. Between these regions the Main river enters the district from the north, turns around just before the town of Bamberg and leaves to the northwest. The smaller...

    The coat of arms displays the heraldic animals of Bamberg and Ebrach, a lion and a boar.

    • 1,168 km² (451 sq mi)
    • Germany
  4. Males had a median income of $38,068 versus $20,815 for females. The per capita income for the city was $13,512. About 21.4% of families and 28.3% of the population were below the poverty line, including 37.2% of those under age 18 and 18.9% of those age 65 or over. Bamberg is the home of Mary Jane's School of Dance.