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  1. Black nationalism is a type of racial nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that black people are a race, and which seeks to develop and maintain a black racial and national identity. [1]

  2. (February 2022) Black nationalism is the idea that black people from one country, or from several countries belong together, and that they have a common history and culture. Sometimes, people claim there is a black race. Black nationalism started in the United States as a response to McCarthyism.

  3. El nacionalismo blanco es un tipo de nacionalismo o panacionalismo que defiende la creencia de que los blancos son una raza 1 y busca desarrollar y mantener una identidad nacional y racial blanca. 2 3 4 Muchos de sus defensores se identifican con el concepto de una nación blanca, o un "etnoestado blanco". 5

  4. african nationalism is an umbrella term which refers to a group of political ideologies, mainly within east, west, central, and southern africa, as well as to some extent north africa (specifically libya during the rule of muammar gaddafi, see third international theory ), which are all based on the idea of national self-determination and the …

  5. This category is for nationalism of sub-Saharan Africa, and Black diaspora movements in the New World, and, to a lesser extent, Nationalist sentiment in the Black communities of Europe and the West Asia. Subcategories This category has the following 13 subcategories, out of 13 total. African and Black nationalism by continent ‎ (3 C)

  6. In some form, black nationalists do believe in separation, but not physical separation. Black nationalists focus more on Black pride, justice, and identity. Their belief is that black people should be proud of their own skin, heritage, and beauty. They also believe that there should be justice for black people, especially in the United States.

  7. Der Schwarze Nationalismus ist eine politische und soziale Bewegung primär in den Vereinigten Staaten. Er geht von der Einheit eines schwarzen Volkes, teilweise einer schwarzen Rasse in Nordamerika aus und betont die geschichtlichen und kulturellen Wurzeln der schwarzen US-Amerikaner in Afrika.