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  1. Admiral The Hon. Sir Frederick William Grey GCB (23 August 1805 – 2 May 1878) was a Royal Navy officer. As a captain he saw action in the First Opium War and was deployed as principal agent of transports during the Crimean War. He became First Naval Lord in the Second Palmerston ministry in June 1861 and subsequently published a pamphlet ...

    • 1819–1866
    • Admiral
  2. Frederick Thomas Gray (1918–1992), Virginia attorney and, briefly, attorney general during Massive Resistance; See also. Freddie Gray (1989–2015), African-American man who died in police custody in Baltimore; Frederick Grey (1805–1878), First Sea Lord

  3. 09/04/2021 · Admiral The Hon. Sir Frederick William Grey GCB (23 August 1805 – 2 May 1878) was a Royal Navy officer. As a captain he saw action in the First Opium War and was deployed as principal agent of transports during the Crimean War.

  4. Frederick-Gray was nominated by petition to run for president in 2016. Her campaign centered around three themes: "spiritually vital, grounded in relationships, organized for impact." [9] Following the resignation of UUA president Rev. Peter Morales , candidate Frederick-Gray worked with the three interim co-presidents and the two other presidential candidates, the Revs.

    • Rev. Brian Frederick-Gray
    • Rev. Sofia Betancourt, Rev. William Sinkford, and Dr. Leon Spencer (interim co-presidents)
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    Freddie Gray

    Freddie Carlos Gray Jr. (August 16, 1989 – April 19, 2015) was the 25-year-old son of Gloria Darden. He had a twin sister, Fredericka Gray, as well as another sister, Carolina. At the time of his death, Gray lived in the home owned by his sisters in the Gilmor Homes neighborhood. He stood 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m) and weighed 145 pounds (66 kg). Gray had a criminal record, on drug charges and minor crimes and had spent time in jail. Gray's family had won a settlement from their landlord in 200...

    Police officers

    1. Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., age 45, is a 16-year veteran of the police force. 2. Officer Garrett E. Miller, age 26, joined the Baltimore Police Department in 2012. 3. Officer Edward M. Nero, age 29, joined the Baltimore Police Department in 2012. 4. Officer William G. Porter, age 25, joined the police force in 2012. 5. Lieutenant Brian W. Rice, age 41, is a 17-year-veteran of the force. Rice, who was promoted to lieutenant in 2011, is the highest-ranking officer charged in relation to G...

    Police encountered Freddie Gray on the morning of April 12, 2015, in the street near Baltimore's Gilmor Homes housing project, an area known to have high levels of home foreclosures, poverty, drug deals and violent crime. Approximately three weeks prior to the incident, Mosby had requested "enhanced" drug enforcement efforts at the corner of North and Mount. According to the charging documents submitted by the Baltimore police, at 8:39 a.m Lieutenant Brian W. Rice, Officer Edward Nero, and Officer Garrett E. Miller were patrolling on bicycles and made eye contact with Gray, who proceeded to flee on foot "unprovoked upon noticing police presence". After a brief chase, Gray was apprehended and taken into custody "without the use of force or incident", according to Officer Garrett Miller, who wrote he "noticed a knife clipped to the inside of his [Gray's] front right pocket". In the formal statement of charges, Officer Miller stated that Gray "did unlawfully carry, possess, and sell a...


    The Baltimore Police Department suspended six officers with pay pending an investigation of Gray's death. The six officers involved in the arrest were identified as Lieutenant Brian Rice, Sergeant Alicia White, Officer William Porter, Officer Garrett Miller, Officer Edward Nero, and Officer Caesar Goodson. On April 24, 2015, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said, "We know our police employees failed to get him medical attention in a timely manner multiple times." Batts also acknowledged poli...

    Charges, indictments, and trials

    On May 1, 2015, after receiving a medical examiner's report ruling Gray's death a homicide, state prosecutors said that they had probable cause to file criminal charges against the six officers involved. Mosby said that the Baltimore police had acted illegally and that "No crime had been committed" (by Freddie Gray). Mosby said that Gray "suffered a critical neck injury as a result of being handcuffed, shackled by his feet and unrestrained inside the BPD wagon". Mosby said officers had "faile...

    Federal investigations

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced on May 8, 2015, that the Department of Justice would conduct a review of the current practices of Baltimore Police Department on account of the "serious erosion of public trust" in relation to the circumstances of Gray's death. The review took effect immediately, and focused on allegations that Baltimore police officers use excessive force, including deadly force, conduct unlawful searches, seizuresor arrests, and engage in discriminatory policing. As...

    On September 8, 2015, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced that the city had reached a $6.4 million settlement with Gray's family. Rawlings-Blake said the settlement "should not be interpreted as a judgment on the guilt or innocence of the officers facing trial", but had been negotiated to avoid "costly and protracted litigation that would only make it more difficult for our city to heal".The city offered a settlement before they were sued.

    The death of Gray has been the subject of several songs. Prince recorded a song called "Baltimore" for his 2015 album Hit n Run Phase Two. The music video featured scenes from protests in response to Gray's death. In May 2015, Salomon Faye released "Black Power", a music video on YouTube that shows rallies in the aftermath of Gray's death. Janelle Monáe and Wondaland released Hell You Talmbout in 2015 and said the names of those killed by the police, including Freddie Gray. Dru Hill dedicated their 2016 song "Change" to Gray. In 2016, Kevin Morby released "Beautiful Strangers", which addressed issues plaguing the world: gun violence, the death of Freddie Gray, and terrorist attacks in Orlando and Paris. In 2017, jazz pianist Lafayette Gilchrist released a song called "Blues For Freddie Gray" on his New Urban World Blues record. Later the same year, singer-songwriter Eliot Bronsonpenned "Rough Ride", a song about Gray. In 2017, HBO produced Baltimore Rising, a documentary about Gray'...

  5. Frederick Grey Biography Admiral The Hon. Sir Frederick William Grey GCB (23 August 1805 – 2 May 1878) was a Royal Navy officer. As a captain he saw action in the First Opium War and was deployed as principal agent of transports during the Crimean War.

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