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  1. Rostock, al igual que la mayor parte de la antigua RDA, ha vivido una dispar progresión económica, si bien la situación ha mejorado globalmente. No obstante, la región ostenta uno de los niveles de riqueza más bajos del país a pesar de las constantes subvenciones del gobierno federal y de la Unión Europea .

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    Rostock is the economic center of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the state's only regiopolis. The port of Rostock is the fourth largest port in Germany after the North Sea ports of Hamburg, Bremen / Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven, and the largest port on the German Baltic coast.

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    Rostock [ ˈʁɔstɔk] ist eine norddeutsche kreisfreie Groß-, Hanse- und Universitätsstadt an der Ostsee. Sie liegt im Landesteil Mecklenburg des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Mit 209.061 Einwohnern ist sie die bevölkerungsreichste Stadt Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns und eins der vier Oberzentren im Land.

    • 181,36 km²
    • 14 m ü. NHN
    • Overview
    • History
    • Geographic features

    Rostock is a district in the north of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. It is bounded by the district Nordwestmecklenburg, the Baltic Sea, the district-free city Rostock and the districts Vorpommern-Rügen, Mecklenburgische Seenplatte and Ludwigslust-Parchim. The district seat is the town Güstrow.

    Rostock District was established by merging the former districts of Bad Doberan and Güstrow as part of the local government reform of September 2011. The name of the district was decided by referendum on 4 September 2011. The project name for the district was Mittleres Mecklenburg.

    There are a number of lakes within the boundaries of Rostock district, including: 1. Inselsee 2. Hohen Sprenzer See 3. Krakower See

    • 3,421 km² (1,321 sq mi)
    • Germany
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    • History
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    Early history

    In the 11t century Polabian Slavs foondit a dounset at the Warnow river cried Roztoc (which means broadenin o a river); the name Rostock is derived frae that designation. The Dens king Valdemar Iset the toun aflame in 1161. Efterwards the place wis settled bi German traders. Initially thare wur three separate ceeties: 1. Altstadt (Auld Toun) aroond the Alter Markt (Auld Mercat) wi St. Petri(St. Peter's Kirk), 2. Mittelstadt (Middle Toun) aroond the Neuer Markt(New Mercat) wi St. Marien (St. M...

    Hanseatic League

    The rise o the ceety began wi its membership o the Hanseatic League. In the 14t century it wis a pouerful seaport toun wi 12,000 indwallers an the biggest ceety o Mecklenburg. Ships for cruisin the Baltic Sea wur constructit in Rostock. In 1419 ane o the auldest varsities in Northren Europe, the University o Rostock, wis foondit.

    15t tae 18t century

    At the end o the 15t century the dukes o Mecklenburg succeedit in enforcin thair rule ower the toun o Rostock, which haed till then been anerlie nominally subject tae thair rule an essentially independent. Thay teuk advantage o a riot kent as Domfehde, a failed uprisin o the impoverishedpopulation. Subsequent quarrels wi the dukes an persistent plunderin led ultimately tae a loss o economic an poleetical pouer. The strategic location o Rostock provoked the envy o its rivals. Danes an Swades o...


    In Rostock's lang history, the ceety carried three different coats o airms kent as the Signum, Secretum an Sigillum. The Signum, which can be traced back tae 1367, wis developed last an is tae this day the coat o airms o the ceety. The banner depicts a gowden griffin on a blue backgrund as well as the colours o the Hanseatic League, siller an reid. The coat o airms can no anerlie be seen on banners, hooses an at bus stops, but an aa on brigs, gullies, fences, ships an restaurants.


    Syne the 13t century, the govrening body o the ceety haes been the ceety cooncil (Rat), first consistin o ten, later o 24 aldermen (Ratsherren). The chairman o the ceety cooncil wis the ceety mayor. In the 19t century thare wur even three mayors. Syne 1925, the heid o the ceety haes born the title o Laird Mayor. Haein been electit for centuries bi the ceety cooncil, he is nou electit directly bi the ceetizens o Rostock, follaein a reform in 2002. The ceety parliament (Bürgerschaft) represents...

    Pairtner ceeties

    Rostock haes signed pairtnership greements wi the follaein ceeties: Mairower, Rostock is a member o the internaitional netwirk New Hanse.

    Rostock is locatit nearly centrally on Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's Baltic Sea coast. The ceety is crossed bi the Warnow. The seaside pairt o Rostock, Rostock-Warnemünde, is aboot 16 km tae the north o the historic ceety centre. The wast an the sootheast are the maist densely populatit pairts o toun. The owerseas port is tae the east o Rostock. Rostock stretches 21.6 kilometres frae the Baltic Seatae the sooth an 19.4 km frae east tae wast.


    Ane o the maist picturesque places in Rostock is the Neuer Markt (New Mercat Square), wi the Toun Haw (oreeginally biggit in the 13t century in Brick Gothic style, but extensively transformed in the 18t century, wi the addition o a Baroquefacade an a Banquetin Haw. The square an aa preserved sax oreeginal, beautifully restored, gable hooses frae the 15t an 16t centuries. (The rest o the auld hooses in Hanseatic style that ance bordered the square wur destroyed in an Alleed air-raid in 1942.)...


    Warnemünde is the seaside pairt o Rostock an a major attraction o the ceety. Locals an tourists alike enjoy the maritime flair o auld hooses, a muckle beach, a lichthoosean the auld fisherman port.

    The economy is strangly influenced bi tourism, the University o Rostock an maritime industries (especially shipbiggin) an the service sector. Major companies include: 1. Aker Warnow Werft, shipyard belangin tae Aker Yards 2. Neptun Werft, shipyard belangin tae Meyer Neptun Group 3. Deutsche Seereederei Rostock, transport, cruises, property an tourism hauldin 4. Suzlon, warlds 5t mucklest wind turbine manufacturers 5. Nordex, a major producer o wind turbines 6. Hanseatische Brauerei Rostock, German brewery belangin tae the Oetker-Gruppe 7. Liebherr, manufacturer o cranes 8. Caterpillar Inc., manufacturer o diesel ingines for ships 9. IKEA 10. Scandlines, German-Dens ferry operator 11. Inros Lackner AG, Airchitects, Ingineers, Consultin company 12. Yara International, suppleer o plant nutrients 13. AIDA Cruises, German company for cruises Furthermore, Rostock is the seivent-mucklest port o the Baltic Sea, an amang the mucklest in Germany.

    Rostock is hame tae ane o the auldest varsities in the warld. Foondit in 1419, the University o Rostock is the third auldest varsity in Germany in continuous operation, the seicont auldest in Northren Europe (efter St Andrews) an the auldest varsity in continental northren Europe. It affers graduate an postgraduate programmes in evangelical theology, philosophy an airts, naitural sciences an mathematics, law, ingineerin an naval airchitectur, agricultur an environmental science, medicine, state, an poleetical an social science, an an' a' maintains a botanical garden (the Botanischer Garten Universität Rostock). The Academy o Muisic an Theatre, Hochschule für Musik und Theater, affers graduate degrees in airtistic fields. Foondit in 1994, the institution combined the umwhile drama schuil Ernst Busch an the ootpost schuil o the Hanns Eisler Muisic School Berlin. The day, the schuil is a member the Association o Baltic Academies o Muisic (ABAM), a union o 17 muisic conservatories at th...


    The ceety is hame tae the annual Hanse Sailfestival, durin which mony muckle sailin ships an museum vessels are brocht oot tae sea, drawin ower 1.5 million visitors. Thare is an annual Jazz festival takin place in Juin cried Ostsee-Jazz. Further events include: 1. Kurfilmfestival FiSh 2. Rostocker Kulturwoche 3. Sommer der Kulturen 4. Rostocker Hafenfest 5. Boulevardfest 6. Warnemünder Woche

    Museums an Zoo

    1. Kunsthalle Rostock (airt gallery) 2. Kulturhistorisches Museum 3. Dokumentations- und Gedenkstätte der Bundesbeauftragten für die Unterlagen des Staatssicherheitsdienstes der ehemaligen Deutschen Demokratischen Republik 4. Heimatmuseum Warnemünde 5. Schiffbau- und Schifffahrtsmuseum 6. Rostocker Zoo 7. Walter-Kempowski-Archiv

    Muisic an theatre

    1. Volkstheater Rostock 1.1. Norddeutsche Philharmonie 1.2. Rostocker Singakademie 2. Niederdeutsche Bühne Rostock 3. Compagnie de Comédie 4. Kleine Komödie Warnemünde 5. Mechaje 6. Bühne 602 7. Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 8. Ostsee Big Baund (Jazz)


    Rostock can be reached bi motorwa (Autobahn) A 1 frae Hamburg via Lübeck on A 20 an bi A 19 frae Berlinan A 20 frae Stettin in Poland.

    Public transport

    Rostock Hauptbahnhof (Rostock Central Station) offers fast rail connections tae Hamburg an Berlinan frae thare tae amaist ony ither European ceety. Athin the ceety a wide netwirk o trams, buses an ferries is available. The first privately financed tunnel in Germany crosses the Warnowriver an sicweys connects the eastren pairt o Rostock wi the wastren pairt.

    Ferry / Ship

    Rostock is Germany's mucklest Baltic port. Rostock is an aa hame tae a muckle ferry port. It is a main base for ferry operators Scandlines, Tallink an TT-Line, which baith connect Rostock wi major Scandinavian destinations. Furthermair, Rostock receives the heichest nummers o cruise tourists in Germany per year. Ferries leave for 1. Tallinn, Estonie 2. Helsinki, Finland 3. Gedser, Denmark 4. Trelleborg, Swaden 5. Ventspils, Latvie

    This is a, naturally, incomplete leet o notable fowk that wur born, lived or contributit tae the welfare o the Ceety o Rostock: 1. people who studied or did research in Rostock: 1.1. Heinrich Schliemann, finished his PhD 1.2. Albert Einstein, received his first Doctor honoris causain Rostock 1.3. Magnus Pegel, mathematician 1.4. Fritz Reuter, writer 1.5. Rudolf Steiner, foonder o Anthroposophy 1.6. Uwe Johnson, writer 1.7. Arno Esch, politeecian 2. Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Poushie Generalfeldmarschall 3. John Brinckman, writer 4. Walter Kempowski, writer 5. Ernst Heinkel, aviation pioneer 6. Walter Hallstein, politeecian 7. Joachim Gauck, vicar, first responsible for the BStU 8. Jan Ullrich, cyclist 9. Britta Kamrau, swimmer 10. Paul Walden, scientist 11. André Greipel, cyclist 12. Paul Martens, cyclist

    European Route of Brick Gothic: Rostock Archived 2009-08-06 at the Wayback Machine
    • 21 burghs
    • Germany
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    Rostock er en regiopolis og rettmessig plassert innenfor storbyregioner i Hamburg, Berlin, København-Malmø og Stettin, og de nærliggende byene Lübeck og Schwerin. Rostocks universitet (Universität Rostock) ble grunnlagt i 1419 som det første nordeuropeiske universitet, fikk stor betydning for østersjøområdet.

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