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  1. Stamford (/ ˈ s t æ m f ər d /) is a city in the U.S. state of Connecticut.It is the state's second-most populous city (behind Bridgeport).With a population of 135,470, the city passed Hartford and New Haven in population as of the 2020 census.

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  2. Stamford (Connecticut) Stamford en 2018. /  41.096666666667, -73.552222222222. Stamford es una ciudad ubicada en el condado de Fairfield en el estado estadounidense de Connecticut. En 2007 tenía una población de 118 475 habitantes, y una densidad poblacional de 1226 personas por kilómetro cuadrado.

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    Stamford was known as Rippowam by the Siwanoy Native American inhabitants to the region, and the very first European settlers to the area also referred to it that way. The name was later changed to Stamford after a town in Lincolnshire, England. The deed to Stamford was signed on 1 July 1640 between Captain Turner of the New Haven Colony and Chief Ponus. The land that now forms the city of Stamford was bought for 12 coats, 12 hoes, 12 ratchets, 12 glasses, 12 knives, four kettles, and four fathoms of white wampum. The deed was renegotiated several times until 1700 when the territory was given up by the Native American inhabitants for a more substantial sum of money. In 1641, Rippowam was settled by 29 Puritan families who had chosen to leave Wethersfield.The group had formed "The Rippowam Company" and contracted with the New Haven Colony to settle the Rippowam area.Hence initially the settlement was a part of the New Haven Colony, as was Greenwich to the west.The name of the settlem...

    On Memorial Day, 1901, a cannon from the USS Kearsarge was placed in West Park (now Columbus Park) as a memorial to Civil War veterans. Cast at West Point in 1827, the cannon had also been used on the USS Lancaster. The artillery piece sat in the park until 1942 when it was hauled away for scrap. In 1904, the Town Hall burnt down. A new building in the Beaux Arts style was constructed from 1905 (when the cornerstone was laid) to 1907 in the triangular block formed by Main, Bank and Atlantic streets. The building was eventually named Old Town Hall and held the mayor's office until about 1961, when Mayor William Kennedy moved to the Municipal Office Building which formerly stood further south on Atlantic Avenue. Nearly all municipal offices were moved to 888 Washington Blvd. in 1988. On February 19, 1919, at the site of the present Cove Island Park, in the Covesection of Stamford, the Cove Mill factory of the Stamford Manufacturing Company burned to the ground in a spectacular conflag...

    On September 11, 2001, nine city residents lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks, all at the World Trade Center: Alexander Braginsky, 38; Stephen Patrick Cherry, 41; Geoffrey W. Cloud, 36; John Fiorito, 40; Bennett Lawson Fisher, 58; Paul R. Hughes, 38; Sean Rooney, 50 (whose widow, Beverly Eckert, became a leading 9/11 family activist); Randolph Scott, 48; and Thomas F. Theurkauf Jr., 44. A total of 65 Connecticut residents lost their lives on that day. One of the biggest fires in Stamford's history occurred April 3, 2006 in the South End. The fire started in a piano store in a building that was part of the former Yale & Towne lock factory complex. It spread to a neighboring building housing antiques dealers. Eight businesses were destroyed and others were damaged. City fire marshals never determined the cause, but said an unfixed sprinkler system helped the fire spread. Firefighters used 1 million gallons (3,800,000 l) of water in three hours and then had to pump water from Long Is...

    Ku Klux Klan in Stamford

    The Ku Klux Klan, which preached a doctrine of Protestant control of America and suppression of blacks, Jews and Catholics, had a following in Stamford in the 1920s. Across the state, the Klan's popularity peaked in 1925 when it had a statewide membership of 15,000. Stamford was one of the communities where the group was most active in the state, although New Haven and New Britainwere also centers of support. During the 1924 election, one of the largest Klan meetings in the state took place i...

    Massee School for Boys, about 1921
    Rippowam River, about 1905
    Atlantic Square, ca. 1908
    Agudath Shalom Synagogue—29 Grove St. (added June 11, 1995)
    Benjamin Hait House—92 Hoyclo Road (added December 30, 1978)
    C. J. Starr Barn and Carriage House—200 Strawberry Hill Ave. (added October 14, 1979)
    Church of the Holy Name—305 Washington Blvd. (added 1987)

    Stamford Historical Society links

    1. Stamford Historical Society Web site 2. "Stamford Connecticut, 1641 - 1893: the first two-and-a-half centuries" by Estelle F. Feinstein Stamford Historical Society "Condensed History of Stamford" online articles: 1. "History of Stamford through the 18th Century" 2. "The 19th Century" 3. "Renovah Manor" 4. "Into the 20th Century" 5. "The Most Exciting Parts of Stamford's History"

  3. Stamford is a ceety in Fairfield Coonty, Connecticut, Unitit States. Accordin tae the 2010 census , the population o the ceety is 122,643. As o 1 Julie 2014, accordin tae the Census Bureau, the population o Stamford haed risen tae 128,278, makkin it the third lairgest ceety in the state an the seiventh lairgest ceety in New Ingland .

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    Stamford wurde 1641 von englischen Presbyterianern unter dem Pfarrer Richard Dentongegründet. 1893 wurde Stamford zur Stadt erhoben.

    Stamford hat Anbindung an die Interstate 95 und wird durch die zwei Eisenbahnlinien Amtrak und Metro North versorgt. Ein gutes Netz an Überland-Bussen stellt die Verbindungen zu Darien, Norwalk, Greenwich und Port Chesterher.

    University of Bridgeport
    Sacred Heart University

    Folgende Unternehmen haben in Stamford ihren Hauptsitz: Die Firma S.A.C. Capital hat zwar ihre Hauptverwaltung in Stamford, ihr offizieller Hauptsitz ist aber das Steuerparadies Anguilla.

  4. Stamford è una città dello Stato del Connecticut, negli Stati Uniti d'America. Si trova nella parte sud-orientale della contea di Fairfield. Una stima del 2006 dava per la città circa 120'000 abitanti. La cittadina è ormai considerata una parte dell' area metropolitana di New York .

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