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  1. Los años 1870 fueron una década que comenzó el 1 de enero de 1870 y finalizó el 31 de diciembre de 1879 . Continuó las tendencias de la década anterior, a medida que los nuevos imperios, basados en el imperialismo y el militarismo se elevaban en Europa y Asia. Estados Unidos se estaba recuperando de la guerra civil americana.

  2. 1870 ( MDCCCLXX) fue un año común comenzado en sábado según el calendario gregoriano . Índice 1 Acontecimientos 1.1 Enero 1.2 Febrero 1.3 Marzo 1.4 Abril 1.5 Mayo 1.6 Junio 1.7 Julio 1.8 Agosto 1.9 Septiembre 1.10 Octubre 1.11 Noviembre 1.12 Diciembre 2 Arte y literatura 3 Música 4 Ciencia y tecnología 5 Nacimientos 5.1 Enero 5.2 Febrero 5.3 Marzo

  3. Categoría:Años 1870. Temas, acontecimientos y noticias relacionados con la década de los años 1870 . Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre los años 1870.

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    1. Dungan Revolt (1862–1877), Hui uprising against the Qing Empirewhich resulted in 20 million deaths and a Qing victory 2. Franco-Prussian War (1870–1871), resulted in the collapse of the Second French Empire and in the formation of both the French Third Republic and the German Empire 3. Third Anglo-Ashanti War, also known as the "First Ashanti Expedition" (1873–1874), ended with the destruction of the royal palace at Kumasi and the signing of the Treaty of Fomena, which secured British trad...

    Colonization, decolonization, and independence

    1. The British Empire continued to grow, with the 1870s marking the beginning of the New Imperialism. 2. Bulgaria and Romania declared independence following a war against the Ottoman Empire. 3. The Sioux battled the United States Cavalry and resisted encroachment by white settlers on the Great Plains. 4. Passive resistance was used to prevent the confiscation of Māori land at Parihaka in New Zealand.

    Political and social events

    1. The German Empireand Alliance System emerged. 2. Racial and economic politics at the height of America's Reconstruction Erawere bitter, pessimistic, and sometimes violent. 3. The Gilded Agebegan in 1877, lasting until 1896. 4. The First Spanish Republicrises and promptly ends (1873–1874). 5. The first Ottoman Constitution is promulgated in 1876, starting the First Constitutional Era (1876–1878). 6. Contested US presidential election of 1876

    The prototype telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bellin 1876.
    The phonograph is invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison.
    The 6.35mm headphone jackwas invented in 1878 and is still widely used today.
    The first version of the light bulb was invented by Thomas Edisonin 1879.

    Literature and arts

    1. Jules Verne (France) publishes Around The World in Eighty Days 2. Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, and Sisley organized the Société Anonyme Coopérative des Artistes Peintres, Sculpteurs, Graveurs ("Cooperative and Anonymous Association of Painters, Sculptors, and Engravers") for the purpose of exhibiting their artworks independently. Members of the association, which soon included Cézanne, Berthe Morisot, and Edgar Degas, were expected to forswear participation in the Salon. The organizers invited...


    1. Eugène Borel, Director Universal Postal Union 2. Rutherford B Hayes, Elected US President in disputed election of 1876 3. Thomas W Ferry, Served as Senate Pro tempore and acting US Vice Presidentduring 1870s 4. Gustave Moynier, President International Committee of the Red Cross 5. Samuel Tilden, won popular vote but lost contested election in 1876 US presidential election

    Famous and infamous people

    1. Sam Bass, Wild West, outlaw 2. Charlie Bowdre, Wild West, outlaw/cowboy 3. Richard M. Brewer, Wild West, gunslinger/cowboy, outlaw 4. Crazy Horse, Native Americanwar leader 5. George Armstrong Custer, U. S. Armyofficer 6. Wyatt Earp, Wild West, lawman 7. E. B. Farnum, Elected official and one of the first residents of Deadwood, South Dakota 8. "Wild Bill" Hickok, Legendary Wild West, lawman, gunfighter, and entertainer 9. Doc Holliday, Legendary Wild West, gambler, gunfighter, outlaw, dent...

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    Décades: Años 1840 Años 1850 Años 1860 - Años 1870 - Años 1880 Años 1890 Años 1900. sieglos: sieglu XVIII - sieglu XIX - sieglu XX. 1870 n'otros calendarios. Calendariu gregorianu. 1870. MDCCCLXX.

  6. Categoría:Años 1870. Temes, acontecimientos y noticies rellacionaes cola década de los años 1870 . Wikimedia Commons acueye conteníu multimedia sobre los años 1870.