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  1. 1120 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre 1120 1120 ( MCXX) fue un año bisiesto comenzado en jueves del calendario juliano . Índice 1 Acontecimientos 2 Nacimientos 3 Fallecimientos 4 Enlaces externos Acontecimientos [ editar]

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    1120. Jurchen translation of the Chinese couplet, Ming wang shen de, si yi xian bin ("明王慎德.四夷咸宾": "When a wise king is heedful of virtue, foreigners from all quarters come as guests") Year 1120 ( MCXX) was a leap year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar .

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    1120 1. Alfonso of Capua, Italo-Norman nobleman (d. 1144) 2. Arnold I of Vaucourt, archbishop of Trier (d. 1183) 3. Frederick II of Berg, archbishop of Cologne (d. 1158) 4. Fujiwara no Yorinaga, Japanese statesman (d. 1156) 5. Gonçalo Mendes de Sousa, Portuguese nobleman (d. 1190) 6. Ioveta of Bethany, princess and daughter of Baldwin II 7. Jaksa G...

    1120 1. September 3 – Blessed Gerard, founder of the Knights Hospitaller 2. September 24 – Welf II ("the Fat"), duke of Bavaria (b. 1072) 3. November 25 3.1. Matilda FitzRoy, countess and daughter of Henry I 3.2. Ralph of Pont-Echanfray, Norman knight (b. 1070) 3.3. Richard d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester (b. 1094) 3.4. William Adelin, duke and so...

  5. Year 1120 was a leap year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. Events By place Asia. The Song Dynasty governor of the seaport of Quanzhou, Fujian, China, reports the population of his city has reached 500,000.

  6. 1120 25 November – sinking of the White Ship in the English Channel off Barfleur. King Henry I of England 's only legitimate son, William Adelin, is among 300 who drown. [1] 1121 24 January – Henry I marries Adeliza of Louvain at Windsor Castle. [2] June – Reading Abbey founded by Henry I. [3]

  7. NA-1120 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre NA-1120 La NA-1120 (Los Arcos-Lazagurría) une Los Arcos con Lazagurría. Es llamada Carretera de Los Arcos a Logroño porque junto con la NA-134, une Los Arcos con Logroño. Es la paralela de la Autovía del Camino (A-12) desde Los Arcos hasta Logroño. 1 Recorrido [ editar] Referencias [ editar]