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    Berg Castle ( Luxembourgish: Schlass Bierg, pronounced [ˈʃlɑs ˈbiːɐ̯ɕ]; French: Château de Berg; German: Schloss Berg ), also called Colmar-Berg, is the principal residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. It is situated in the town of Colmar-Berg, in central Luxembourg, near the confluence of the Alzette and the Attert, two of ...

    • Max Ostenrieder and Pierre Funck-Eydt
    • 1907
  2. Berg Castle ( German: Schloss Berg) is a manor house situated on the east bank of Lake Starnberg in the village of Berg in Upper Bavaria, Germany. The site became widely known as the last residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and location of his disputed death. Today, it serves as residence of Franz, Duke of Bavaria, head of the house of ...

  3. Castle Berg is a ruined water castle situated around 210 m (690 ft) above Sea level in the Nesenbach valley on the grounds of the Berg mineral spa in the Berg district of Baden-Württemberg 's state capitol of Stuttgart, Germany . The castle was built by the Lords von Berg during the 12th century and had already been destroyed in 1287.

  4. Castillo de Berg. /  49.81417, 6.08694. El Castillo de Berg (en luxemburgués: Schlass Bierg, en francés: Château de Berg, en alemán: Schloss Berg) es la residencia principal de la familia gran ducal de Luxemburgo. Está situada en la localidad de Colmar-Berg, en el centro del Gran Ducado de Luxemburgo, cerca de la confluencia de los ...

    • Overview
    • Early history
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    • Restoration
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    Burg Castle, located in Burg an der Wupper, is the largest reconstructed castle in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and a popular tourist attraction. Its early history is closely connected to the rise of the Duchy of Berg.

    At the beginning of the 12th century, Count Adolf III of Berg built Schloss Burg on a mountain overlooking the river Wupper. The old castle of the counts, Castle Berge in Odenthal near Altenberg, was abandoned. The original name of the new castle was Castle Neuenberge, or in Latin, novus mons, novum castrum, or novi montis castrum. Not until the 15th century, after significant reconstruction as a hunting castle, did it receive its current name reflecting its palatial extension. His great-grandso

    In 1632 Swedish soldiers laid siege to the castle. After the Thirty years war, in 1648, Imperial troops destroyed the fortifications of the castle including the keep, walls, and gates. In 1700, the main building was partially reconstructed and subsequently used for administrative purposes. 1849, the castle was sold to be scrapped, decayed, and became a ruin.

    The architect Gerhard August Fischer from Barmen proposed in 1882 the reconstruction and submitted drawings and plans based on old documents, primarily using the castle’s appearance in the 16th century. Since 1890 the castle reconstruction committee led the restoration of the castle during the next 24 years. Painters from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf participated. With the erection of the Battery Tower in 1914 the work seemed completed. On the night of November 26, 1920 a large fire ...

    Linguistically, "Schloss Burg" would be translated as "palace castle" - a tautology, yet in German "Schloss" refers to a representative building and "Burg" to a fortification - an oxymoron.

  5. Castillo de Berg - Berg Castle De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Para otros castillos con nombres que suenan similares, vea Burg Castle (desambiguación) .

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