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  1. Otto von Habsburg, właśc. Franciszek Józef Otto Robert Maria Antoni Karol Maksymilian Henryk Sykstus Ksawery Feliks Renat Ludwik Kajetan Pius Ignacy von Habsburg-Lotaryński , znany w Austrii jako dr Otto Habsburg-Lothringen lub Otto Habsburg , a na Węgrzech – Habsburg Ottó (ur.

  2. The pre-Etruscan history of the area in the middle and late Bronze parallels that of the archaic Greeks. The Tuscan area was inhabited by peoples of the so-called Apennine culture in the second millennium BC (roughly 1400–1150 BC) who had trading relationships with the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations in the Aegean Sea, and, at the end of the Bronze Age, by peoples of the so-called of the ...

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    Charles II of Spain showing Habsburg jaw, a severe type of mandibular prognathism. Emperor Kōmei of Japan, showing progenism. Vlad III of Wallachia, showing progenism.