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  1. Charles was the second son of William VI, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, and Hedwig Sophia of Brandenburg (1623–1683). Until 1675 his mother ruled as his guardian and regent before Charles was old enough to take over the administration for the next 5 years. His older brother, William VII, had died in 1670 shortly after reaching adulthood, even ...

  2. He was succeeded by his son William VII, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, then an infant, who died in 1670. He was succeeded by his brother Charles I . Charles' chief claim to fame is that he hired out his soldiers to foreign powers as auxiliaries, as a means of improving the finances of his principality.

    • Absolute monarchy
    • Kassel
    • Overview
    • Early life
    • Early career
    • Governor of Schleswig-Holstein
    • Marriage and issue

    Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel was a cadet member of the house of Hesse-Kassel and a Danish general field marshal. Brought up with relatives at the Danish court, he spent most of his life in Denmark, serving as royal governor of the twin duchies of Schleswig-Holstein from 1769 to 1836 and commander-in-chief of the Norwegian army from 1772 to 1814.

    Charles was born in Kassel on 19 December 1744 as the second surviving son of Hesse-Kassel's then hereditary prince, the future Frederick II, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and his first wife Princess Mary of Great Britain. His mother was a daughter of King George II of Great Britain and Princess Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach and a sister of Queen Louise of Denmark. His father, the future landgrave, left the family in 1747 and converted to Catholicism in 1749. In 1755 he formally ended the marriage

    Charles began a military career in Denmark. In 1758 he was appointed colonel, at the age of 20 major general and in 1765 was put in charge of the artillery. After his cousin, King Christian VII, acceded to the throne in 1766, he was appointed lieutenant general, commander of the Royal Guard, knight of the Order of the Elephant and member of the Privy Council. In 1766, he was appointed Governor-General of Norway as successor to Jacob Benzon. He held the position until 1770 but which remained most

    In 1769, Prince Charles of Hesse was appointed royal Governor of the twin duchies of Schleswig and Holstein on behalf of the government of his brother-in-law, King Christian VII of Denmark and Norway. Charles took up residence at Gottorp Castle in Schleswig with his family. They would have their third child Frederick there in 1771. Louisenlund In 1770, King Christian VII gave his sister the estate of Tegelhof in Güby between the City of Schleswig and Eckernförde. From 1772 to 1776 ...

    On 30 August 1766 at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, Charles married Princess Louise of Denmark, his first cousin, the youngest daughter of his aunt, Princess Louise of Great Britain, and King Frederick V of Denmark and Norway, who died the same year. The couple had the following children: 1. Marie Sophie, Princess of Hesse, married on 31 July 1790 her first cousin the future King Frederick VI of Denmark and Norway 2. Wilhelm, Prince of Hesse 3. Prince Frederik of Hesse, a general, married

  3. Infancia. Carlos fue el segundo hijo de Guillermo VI, Landgrave de Hesse-Kassel y Hedwig Sophia de Brandeburgo (1623-1683). Hasta 1675, su madre gobernó como su tutora y regente antes de que Charles tuviera la edad suficiente para hacerse cargo de la administración durante los siguientes 5 años.

  4. Landgrave Alexander Frederick of Hesse abdicated as the head of the House of Hesse on 16 March 1925, and was succeeded by Frederick Charles, his younger brother. At Frederick's death, his eldest surviving son, Philipp, succeeded him as head.

  5. Carlos I de Hesse-Kassel (en alemán: Karl von Hessen-Kassel; Kassel, 3 de agosto de 1654 - 23 de marzo de 1730) fue landgrave de Hesse-Kassel desde 1670 hasta su muerte. Tercer hijo del landgrave Guillermo VI de Hesse-Kassel y de Eduvigis Sofía de Brandeburgo.

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