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  1. Northumbrian was a dialect of Old English spoken in the Anglian Kingdom of Northumbria. Together with Mercian, Kentish and West Saxon, it forms one of the sub-categories of Old English devised and employed by modern scholars. The dialect was spoken from the Humber, now within England, to the Firth of Forth, now within Scotland.

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    Northumbrian was one of four distinct dialects of Old English, along with Mercian, West Saxon, and Kentish. Analysis of written texts, brooches, runes and other available sources shows that Northumbrian vowel pronunciation differed from West Saxon.

  3. The language (or dialect group) spoken in lowland Scotland has been known by various names: until the last decade of the 15h century it was always called English (though most often spelled Inglis) from the mid 16th century it was commonly (but never exclusivley) called Scots.

  4. The term 'Northumbrian' can refer to the region of Northumbria but can also refer specifically to the county of Northumberland. This article focuses on the former definition and thus includes varieties from throughout the wider region, including Durham as well as Northumberland. Contents 1 Dialect divisions 1.1 19th century 1.2 21st century

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    historic Northumbrian Old English, a variety of Old English spoken in the Kingdom of Northumbria People an inhabitant of the present-day region of Northumbria or North East England an inhabitant of the historic county of Northumberland specifically an inhabitant of the historic Kingdom of Northumbria Transport