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  1. Timeline of United States history (1900–1929) Jump to ... This section of the Timeline of United States history concerns events from 1900 to 1929.

  2. Timeline of United States history (1900–1929) This section of the Timeline of United States history concerns events from 1900 to 1929.. U.S. territorial extent in 1900 1900s

    • 1930s
    • 1940s
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    Presidency of Herbert C. Hoover

    1. 1930 – The Motion Picture Production Codebecomes set of industry censorship guidelines governing production of the vast majority of United States motion pictures released by major studios; is effective for 38 years 2. 1930 – Frozen vegetables, packaged by Clarence Birdseye, become the first frozen food to go on sale 3. 1930 – The Democrats take Congress in the Midterms. Will keep it until 1946. 4. 1930 - Hawley-Smoot Tariff 5. 1930 - Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto 6. 1930 - Sinclair Lewis...

    Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt

    1. 1933 – Roosevelt becomes the 32nd President and Garner Vice President. They are the last president and vice president to be inaugurated on March 4. It also began his "Hundred Days" 2. 1933 – President Roosevelt establishes the New Deal, a response to the Great Depression, and focusing on what historians call the "3 Rs": relief, recovery and reform 3. 1933 - Emergency Banking Act 4. 1933 – Sweeping new programs proposed under President Roosevelt take effect: the Agricultural Adjustment Act,...

    1940 – Selective Service Act, establishing the first peacetime draft in U.S. history
    1940 – Alien Registration (Smith) Act
    1940 – Oldsmobile becomes the first car maker to offer a fully automatic transmission
    1940 – Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry and Woody Woodpeckermake their cartoon debuts
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    • 1970s
    • 1980s
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    Presidency of Richard M. Nixon

    1. 1970 – The first Earth Dayis observed. 2. 1970 – Kent State and Jackson State shootingsoccur during student protests which grow violent. 3. 1970 – American Top 40, hosted by radio personality Casey Kasem, becomes the first successful nationally syndicated radio program featuring a weekly countdown. 4. 1970 – The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) begins operations, succeeding National Educational Television(NET). 5. 1970 – Singer-songwriter-guitarist-musician Jimi Hendrixdies of a drug overd...

    Presidency of Gerald R. Ford

    1. 1974 – President Nixon resigns, becoming the first and only U.S. President to step down. Vice President Ford becomes the 38th President. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New Yorkbecomes the second person to be appointed Vice President under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. 2. 1974 – Watergate scandal: Ford pardons Nixonfor any crimes he may have committed against the United States while President, believing it to be in the "best interests of the country." 3. 1974 – Restrictions are removedo...

    Presidency of Jimmy Carter

    1. 1977 – Carter sworn in as the 39th President, Mondale as Vice President 2. 1977 – The first home personal computer, the Commodore PET, is released for retail sale. 3. 1977 – The television miniseries Rootsairs on ABC, to critical acclaim and record audiences. 4. 1977 – The science-fiction space opera film Star Warsdebuts in theaters. 5. 1977 – The New York City blackout of 1977lasts for 25 hours, resulting in looting and other disorder. 6. 1977 – Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, d...

    1980 – The United States boycotts the Summer Olympics in Moscow to protest the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; also announces a grain embargo against the Soviet Union with the support of the E...
    1980 – The Refugee Actis signed into law, reforming United States immigration law and admitted refugees on systematic basis for humanitarian reasons
    1980 – The Mount St. Helens eruption in Washingtonon 18 May kills 57.
    1980 – U.S. presidential election, 1980: Ronald Reagan is elected president, with George H. W. Bushelected vice president
  3. Timeline of United States history (1900–1929) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This section of the Timeline of United States history concerns events from 1900 to 1929 . U.S. territorial extent...

  4. 1956 – Elvis Presley appears on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. 1956 – Marilyn Monroe marries playwright Arthur Miller. 1956 – Jackson Pollock dies in a car crash. 1956 – 1956 United States presidential election: Dwight D. Eisenhower is reelected president, Richard Nixon reelected vice president.

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    relacionados con: Timeline of United States history (1900–1929) wikipedia