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  1. The Soviet-Ukrainian War is the term commonly used in post-Soviet Ukraine for the events taking place between 1917–21, nowadays regarded essentially as a war between the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Bolsheviks. The war ensued soon after the October Revolution when Lenin dispatched the Antonov's expeditionary group to Ukraine and Southern Russia. Soviet historical tradition viewed it as an occupation of Ukraine by military forces of Western and Central Europe, including ...

  2. La guerra soviético-ucraniana o guerra bolchevique-ucraniana ( 1917 — 1921) fue el conflicto militar entre la República Popular Ucraniana y la Rusia Soviética por la independencia de Ucrania a la disolución del Imperio ruso tras la Revolución de Febrero de 1917.

    • Ucrania es adherida al Movimiento bolchevique., Se establece RSS Ucrania de forma oficial.
    • Ucrania
  3. The Soviet invasion of Ukraine (January 7 – June 16, 1919) was a major offensive of the Soviet troops of the Ukrainian Front against the Army of the Ukrainian People's Republic (UNR) during the Soviet–Ukrainian War . Contents 1 Prelude 1.1 The alignment of forces 2 The battle 2.1 The first stage of the offensive (January 7 - March 9, 1919)

  4. The Russo-Ukrainian War is an ongoing war between Russia (together with pro-Russian separatist forces) and Ukraine. It was started by Russia in February 2014 following the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity, and initially focused on the status of Crimea and the Donbas, internationally recognised as part of Ukraine.

  5. The Ukrainian War of Independence was a series of conflicts involving many adversaries that lasted from 1917 to 1921 and resulted in the establishment and development of a Ukrainian republic, most of which was later absorbed into the Soviet Union as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of 1922–1991.