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  1. William the Lion (Mediaeval Gaelic: Uilliam mac Eanric (i.e. William, son of Henry); Modern Gaelic: Uilleam mac Eanraig), sometimes styled William I, also known by the nickname Garbh, "the Rough", (c. 1142 – 4 December 1214) reigned as King of Scots from 1165 to 1214 (49 years).

  2. William I, known as the Lion (1142 - 4 December 1214) was King of Scotland from 1165 until 1214. His time as ruler was one of the longest in Scottish history, he submitted to Henry II from 1174 until 1189, when he paid Richard I a sum of money to stop him submitting.

    • 1143, Huntingdon, England
    • Malcolm IV
  3. Deacon of Pndapetzim ( Talk) 18:10, 23 January 2011 (UTC) Oppose move from William the Lion to William I of Scotland, according to the guidelines If a monarch or prince is overwhelmingly known, in English, by a cognomen, it may be used. I had never heard of "William I of Scotland" before I noticed this discussion.

  4. William Henry Joseph Bonaparte Bertholf Smith (November 23, 1893 – April 18, 1973), also known as "The Lion", was an American jazz and stride pianist. Contents 1 Early life

    • William Henry Joseph Bonaparte Bertholf Smith
    • Jazz
    • April 18, 1973 (aged 79), New York City
    • November 23, 1893, Goshen, New York
  5. William the Lion (Mediaeval Gaelic: Uilliam mac Eanric; Modren Gaelic: Uilleam mac Eanraig), whiles styled William I, an aa kent bi the nickname Garbh, "the Rough", (c. 1143 – 4 December 1214) reigned as King o the Scots frae 1165 tae 1214.

    • 24 December 1165
    • Malcolm IV
    • 9 December 1165 – 4 December 1214
    • Alexander II
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    Successful American lawyer Robert Hayward (William Holden) is in Kenya because his ex-wife Christine (Capucine) is having problems with their eleven-year-old daughter Tina (Pamela Franklin), with whom he has had no contact for many years. Tina, who has a great affinity with Africa, its customs and its wildlife, initially resents her father, feeling he had abandoned her. Christine has remarried and her new husband John Bullit (Trevor Howard), a former big-game hunter, now manages a large Kenyan animal preserve.Tina considers Bullitt her father and Hayward merely her mother's ex-husband. There is tension between the adults because Christine left Hayward for Bullitt, having become "bewitched" by the beauty of Kenya and the wild, free lifestyle of the African bush. Christine is alarmed that Tina is likewise "bewitched" by the wild lifestyle Bullitt encourages, and fears her daughter's development is endangered by having no contact with modern society. Tina spends much of her time in the...

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    • 26 July 1962 (London), 19 August 1962 (United Kingdom), December 21, 1962 (New York City)
    • Samuel G. Engel
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    relacionados con: William the Lion wikipedia