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  1. 1723 fue un año común comenzado en viernes según el calendario gregoriano. Acontecimientos. La designación de los lagman (o hablantes de derecho) en ...

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    1723 was a common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar, the 1723rd year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 723rd year of the 2nd millennium, the 23rd year of the 18th century, and the 4th year of the 1720s decade.

  3. May – Parliament passes the Black Act making poaching a capital offence. June – Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke, receives a pardon for his part in the Jacobite Rebellion and is allowed to return to Britain, but not to sit in the House of Lords. Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester, is banished from the country during the year for ...

  4. 1723; Calendario gregoriano: 1723 MDCCXXIII: Ab urbe condita: 2476: Calendario armenio: 1172: Calendario chinés: 4419 – 4420: Calendario hebreo: 5483 – 5484

    • 2.5K
    • 4419 – 4420
    • 1172
    • 1723, MDCCXXIII
  5. (1723) Klemola es un asteroide perteneciente al cinturón de asteroides descubierto el 18 de marzo de 1936 por Yrjö Väisälä desde el observatorio de Iso-Heikkilä, Finlandia. Índice 1 Designación y nombre

    • 1936 FX
    • Turku
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    March – Voltaire makes an agreement with Abraham Viretto allow his work to be printed in Rouen.
    July – A new edition of Bernard Mandeville's The Fable of the Bees is presented as a public nuisance by the Grand Jury of Middlesex, England, to the Court of King's Bench. Mandeville escapes prosec...
    November – After attending a party at the home of the marquis des Maisons, Voltaire contracts smallpox.
    unknown date – The book collection of Samuel Pepys (died 1703), including his Diary, is transferred to the Pepys Library at his alma mater, Magdalene College, Cambridge, in accordance with his will.


    1. Penelope Aubin – The Life of Charlotta Du Pont, an English lady; taken from her own memoirs 2. Jane Barker – A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies 3. Thomas-Simon Gueullette – Les Aventures merveilleuses du mandarin Fum-Hoam, contes chinois (The Transmigrations of the Mandarin Fum-Hoam (Chinese Tales)) 4. Eliza Haywood – Idalia: Or, the Unfortunate Mistress. A Novel. Written by Mrs. Eliza Haywood 5. Anton Josef Kirchweger – Aurea Catena Homeri 6. Margrethe Lasson – Den beklædte Sandhed (first...


    1. Elijah Fenton – Mariamne 2. Francis Hawling – The Impertinent Lovers 3. Eliza Haywood – A Wife to be Let 4. Ludvig Holberg – Erasmus Montanus 5. Hildebrand Jacob – The Fatal Constancy 6. Charles Johnson – Love in a Forest (adapted from As You Like It) 7. Pierre de Marivaux – La Double Inconstance 8. Ambrose Philips – Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester 9. Jane Robe – The Fatal Legacy 10. Richard Savage – Sir Thomas Overbury


    1. Sir Richard Blackmore – Alfred: an epick poem 2. David Mallet – William and Margaret 3. William Meston – Knight of the Kirk 4. Ambrose Philips – Ode on the Death of William, Earl of Cowper 5. Matthew Prior 5.1. Down-Hall 5.2. The Turtle and the Sparrow 6. Allan Ramsay – The Tea-Table Miscellany, Vol. 1 7. Voltaire – La Henriade 8. Ned Ward – Nuptial Dialogues and Debates, 3rd ed.

    January 21 (or June 21) – Baron d'Holbach, German-born French philosopher and encyclopedist (died 1789)
    February 23 – Richard Price, Welsh-born philosopher (died 1791)
    February 24 – John Burgoyne, English soldier and dramatist (died 1792)
    June 5 (baptized) – Adam Smith, Scottish economist (died 1790)
    February 26 – Thomas d'Urfey, English dramatist (born 1653)
    March 13 – René Auguste Constantin de Renneville, French Protestant poet and historian (born 1650)
    March 15 – Johann Christian Günther, German poet (born 1695)
    May 11 – Jean Galbert de Campistron, French dramatist (born 1656)
    • Incumbents
    • Births
    • Historical Documents
    French Monarch: Louis XV
    British and Irish Monarch: George I
    May 7 - Louis Dunière, politician (died 1806)
    July 19 - Jean-Marie Ducharme, fur trader (died 1807)

    Indigenous peoples previously unknown in New York come from as far away as Michilimackinac and Miami lands to trade Five Nations (now Six with acceptance of Tuscarora) receive scores of "far Indians" from Michilimackinac to be seventh nation Abenaki tell priestto "conquer" himself to learn their ways, as they did "to believe that which we do not see" (Note: "savage" used) "Englishmen!" - Note left for enemy at Nanrantsouakassures them of Abenaki revenge that will not "end but with the world" Massachusetts fights "wrangling warr" with Indigenous people while supplying them "powder and shot[...], to murther ourselves" Governors of Massachusetts and Canadaexchange series of letters arguing which is right in New England's war with Abenaki "Insolent letter" of governor of Canada warns Massachusetts that French will enter war unless "Bounds of the Indians Land" are settled New York Councilapproves treaty whereby Five Nations will assist Massachusetts in war with "Eastern Indians" Governor...

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