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  1. The ladies' version of the roadster's design was very much in place by the 1890s. It had a step-through frame rather than the diamond frame of the gentlemen's model so that ladies, with their dresses and skirts, could easily mount and ride their bicycles, and commonly came with a skirt guard to prevent skirts and dresses becoming entangled in the rear wheel and spokes.

  2. An assembly line is a manufacturing process (often called a progressive assembly) in which parts (usually interchangeable parts) are added as the semi-finished assembly moves from workstation to workstation where the parts are added in sequence until the final assembly is produced.

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    The bike boom or bicycle craze is any of several specific historic periods marked by increased bicycle enthusiasm, popularity, and sales.. Prominent examples include 1819 and 1868, as well as the decades of the 1890s and 1970s – the latter especially in North America – and the 2010s in the United Kingdom.

  4. Oklahoma and Indian Territory, 1890s Indian Territory (lands owned by the Five Civilized Tribes and other Indian tribes from east of the Mississippi River ) and Oklahoma Territory (lands set aside to relocate Plains Indians and other Midwestern tribes, as well as the recently settled "Unassigned Lands" and the Neutral Strip ) were formally constituted by Congress on May 2, 1890, in the ...

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    The Babcock test is an inexpensive and practical procedure to determine the fat content of milk.It is named after its developer, Stephen M. Babcock (1843–1931), professor at the University of Wisconsin.