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  1. Charles Walters ( 17 de noviembre de 1911 – 13 de agosto de 1982) fue un director, coreógrafo y actor cinematográfico de nacionalidad estadounidense, conocido por su trabajo en diversos musicales y comedias de la productora MGM rodados entre los años 1940 y 1960 . Índice 1 Biografía 2 Selección de su filmografía 2.1 Director 2.2 Actor

  2. Charles Powell Walters (November 17, 1911 – August 13, 1982) was an American Hollywood director and choreographer most noted for his work in MGM musicals and comedies from the 1940s to the 1960s. Contents 1 Early years 2 Career 2.1 Actor 2.2 Choreographer 2.3 Dance director at MGM 2.4 Director 2.5 Later career 3 Death 4 Filmography 4.1 Director

    • Director, choreographer
    • August 13, 1982 (aged 70), Malibu, California, U.S.
    • Overview
    • Early life
    • National Farmers Organization (NFO)
    • Raw Materials Economics
    • Acres USA
    • Selected publications

    Charles Walters Jr. was an economist, journalist, publisher, editor, author, entrepreneur, and family farm advocate. A tireless advocate for "peoples capitalism", Walters was a president of the National Organization for Raw Materials, a long-time executive board member, and founder and editor of Acres USA, the North American voice of eco-agricultur...

    Charles Walters Jr. was born in Ness County, Kansas to Carl and Dorothea Walters, poor farmers struggling to survive the Dust Bowl. Walters' childhood was shaped first by the Dust Bowl, then by the Great Depression. He came of age following military service in the waning days of World War II. Once discharged, he received his undergraduate degree fr...

    During the 1960s, Walters became associated with the National Farmers Organization and edited the organization's news publication, NFO Reporter. He also supplied numerous articles on farm economics for the publication, observing and documenting many of the activities of the NFO. One of his books, Holding Action, discusses the events surrounding the...

    Professionally, Walters worked as an economist and journalist producing a number of books and essays. His main professional focus was on raw materials economics, greatly influenced by the works of Carl H. Wilken, Charles B. Ray, J. Carson Adkerson, and John Lee Coulter, four men who would later become known as the "Fathers of Raw Material Economics...

    In 1970, despondent with internal politics at the NFO, Walters founded Acres USA, a monthly magazine that promotes the family farm and organic farming and served as the executive editor for 28 years. Remembering the origins of Acres USA in 1995 for the journal’s 25th anniversary issue, Walters said, "I didn't have the money to buy a paper, so I sta...

    In addition to writing and publishing hundreds of articles about Raw Material Economics in the pages of Acres USA, Walters authored three major works on the subject. His second book, Unforgiven, now in its second edition, is the definitive text on Raw Material Economics derived from in-depth interviews with Carl H. Wilken, shortly before Wilken's d...

  3. Charles Walters Wikipedia Charles Walters Charles Walters (* 17. November 1911 in Brooklyn, New York; † 13. August 1982 in Malibu, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Filmregisseur und Choreograf. Sein Spezialgebiet waren Tanzfilme und Musicals . Leben

    • 17. November 1911
    • Walters, Charles
    • US-amerikanischer Filmregisseur und Choreograf
    • Brooklyn, New York
  4. Charles L. Walters (c. 1862 – June 20, 1894) was an American politician who served for two years as Mayor of Sea Bright, New Jersey and in the New Jersey General Assembly . Biography Born in Hightstown, New Jersey, Walters moved to Holly Beach City (now part of Wildwood ), where he was elected in 1884 to serve on that municipality's council.

  5. Charles Walters est un réalisateur américain, né le 17 novembre 1911 à New York et mort le 13 août 1982 à Malibu ( Californie ). Il a réalisé plusieurs comédies musicales connues : Parade de printemps, Entrons dans la danse, La Jolie Fermière . Sommaire 1 Biographie 2 Filmographie 2.1 Réalisateur 2.2 Chorégraphie 3 Liens externes Biographie

  6. Charles Walters es un director de cine estadounidense, nacido el 17 de noviembre de 1911 en Nueva York y murió el 13 de agosto de 1982 en Malibu ( California). Ha producido varios musicales conocidos: Spring Parade , Let's enter the dance , La Jolie Fermière .

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