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  1. George Stevens was born on December 18, 1904, in Oakland, California, [2] the son of Landers Stevens and Georgie Cooper, both stage actors. Drama critic Ashton Stevens and film director James W. Horne were his uncles. He also had two brothers, Jack, a cinematographer, and writer Aston Stevens. He learned about the stage by watching his parents ...

  2. Premio del Sindicato de Directores. Premio en memoria de Irving Thalberg (1954) [ editar datos en Wikidata] George Stevens ( Oakland, California; 18 de diciembre de 1904 - Lancaster, California; 8 de marzo de 1975) fue un director, productor, guionista y director de fotografía estadounidense .

    • George Cooper Stevens
    • 8 de marzo de 1975 (70 años), Lancaster, California (Estados Unidos)
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    George Cooper Stevens Jr. is an American writer, playwright, director, and producer. He is the founder of the American Film Institute, creator of the AFI Life Achievement Award, and co-creator of the Kennedy Center Honors. He has also served as Co-Chairman of the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

    Stevens was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California. His father was the film director George Stevens and his mother Yvonne Howell was an actress. Stevens' grandparents were also in the entertainment industry. His maternal grandmother Alice Howell was a silent comedy film actress, and his paternal grandparents Landers Stevens and Georgia Cooper ...

    After graduating from Occidental College in 1953, Stevens enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he directed training films. He began his career in Hollywood as a production assistant on several of his father's movies, including A Place in the Sun, Shane, and Giant. He wa

    In 1962, while he was doing pre-production work on The Greatest Story Ever Told, Stevens was recruited by Edward R. Murrow to serve as director of the Motion Picture and Television Service, a division of the United States Information Agency. At age 31, Stevens moved from Los Ange

    In 1965, Stevens was a consultant in the process that established the National Endowment for the Arts. In June 1967, at age 35, Stevens resigned from his position at the USIA to join the American Film Institute, which was created using NEA funds, as its founding director. Stevens

    Stevens has been nominated for an Emmy 38 times and has won 14 Emmys, as of 2022. He has received two Peabody Awards, one for The Murder of Mary Phagan and another for the 1986 Kennedy Center Honors. He has won eight awards from the Writers Guild of America. In 1992, Stevens won the WGA's Paul Selvin Award for his Separate but Equal screenplay. He ...

    The Diary of Anne Frank Alfred Hitchcock Presents Kennedy Center Honors AFI Life Achievement Award The Murder of Mary Phagan Separate but Equal The Thin Red Line We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial

    Conversations with the Great Moviemakers of Hollywood's Golden Age at the American Film Institute Conversations at the American Film Institute with the Great Moviemakers: The Next Generation My Place in the Sun: Life in the Golden Age of Hollywood and Washington

    • Occidental College
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    • Michael Stevens; David Stevens and Caroline Stevens (step-daughter)
  3. George Cooper Stevens (December 18, 1904 – March 8, 1975) was an American movie director, producer, screenwriter and cinematographer. His best known works are A Place in the Sun (1951), Shane (1953), Giant (1956), and The Diary of Anne Frank (1959). References ↑ Obituary Variety, March 12, 1975, page 79. Other websites George Stevens on IMDb

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    George Stevens wurde als Sohn zweier Bühnenschauspieler geboren und gab sein eigenes Debüt im Alter von fünf Jahren. Bereits 1921 begann er als Kameraassistent in Hollywood seine Karriere. 1927 wechselte er zu Hal Roach und arbeitete an zahlreichen Streifen des beliebten Komikerduos Stan Laurel und Oliver Hardy. Ab 1930 wechselte Stevens hinter die...

    George Stevens war ein ausgesprochener Perfektionist, der jede Szene sorgfältig plante und die Schauspieler teilweise mit endlosen Wiederholungen der Einstellungen in die Erschöpfung trieb. Vor dem Dreh wurde jede mögliche Kameraeinstellung und jeder denkbare Beleuchtungswinkel durchgespielt, um die bestmöglichen Ergebnisse zu bekommen. Während Geo...

    Oscar/Beste Regie

    1. Oscarverleihung 1944: Nominierung für Immer mehr, immer fröhlicher 2. Oscarverleihung 1952: Gewonnen für Ein Platz an der Sonne 3. Oscarverleihung 1953: Nominierung für Mein großer Freund Shane 4. Oscarverleihung 1954: Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award 5. Oscarverleihung 1957: Gewonnen für Giganten 6. Oscarverleihung 1960: Nominierung für Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank

    Golden Globe Awards

    1. Golden Globe Awards 1952: Nominierung in der Kategorie Beste Regie für Ein Platz an der Sonne 2. Golden Globe Awards 1957: Nominierung in der Kategorie Beste Regie für Giganten 3. Golden Globe Awards 1960: Nominierung in der Kategorie Beste Regie für Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank

    Internationale Filmfestspiele von Cannes

    1. Internationale Filmfestspiele von Cannes 1951: Nominierung Großer Preis der Jury für Ein Platz an der Sonne 2. Internationale Filmfestspiele von Cannes 1959: Nominierung für die Goldene Palme für Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank

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  4. George Stevens (12 June 1833, Cheltenham – 2 June 1871, Cleeve Hill) was an English jockey, famous for having the most wins in the Grand National . Stevens began his riding career at the age of 16 or 17. He rode Hardwick to victory in the Grand Annual steeple chase at Wolverhampton in 1851.

  5. George Cooper Stevens est un réalisateur, producteur, scénariste et directeur de la photographie américain, né le 18 décembre 1904 à Oakland et mort le 8 mars 1975 à Lancaster . Réalisateur prolifique, il laisse comme films notables Une place au soleil (1951), L'Homme des vallées perdues (1953), Géant (1956) et Le Journal d'Anne Frank (1959).

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