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  1. H:IPAEN Throughout Wikipedia, the pronunciation of words is indicated by means of the International Phonetic Alphabet ( IPA ). The following tables list the IPA symbols used for English words and pronunciations. Please note that several of these symbols are used in ways that are specific to Wikipedia and differ from those used by dictionaries.

  2. Help:IPA/English is a reader -facing page intended for viewing by non-editors. Please prioritize their needs when adjusting its design, and move editor-facing elements to other pages. This page was nominated for deletion on March 1 2008. The result of the discussion was Keep. Archives Index

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    If the words given as examples for two different symbols sound the same to you (for example, if you pronounce cot and caught the same, or do and dew, or marry and merry), you can pronounce those symbols the same in explanations of all words. The footnotes explain some of these mergers. (See also Dialect variationbelow.) If there is an IPA symbol yo...

    This key represents diaphonemes, abstractions of speech sounds that accommodate General American, Received Pronunciation (RP) and New Zealand (and to a large extent also Australian, Canadian, Irish (including Ulster), Scottish, South African and Welsh, but see below) pronunciations. Therefore, not all of the distinctions shown here are relevant to ...

    If you feel it is necessary to add a pronunciation respelling using another convention, then please use the conventions of Wikipedia's pronunciation respelling key. 1. To compare the following IPA symbols with non-IPA American dictionary conventions that may be more familiar, see Pronunciation respelling for English, which lists the pronunciation g...

    If your browser does not display IPA symbols, you probably need to install a font that includes the IPA. Good free IPA fonts include Gentium and Charis SIL (more complete); a monospaced font is Eve...
    For a guide to adding pronunciations to Wikipedia articles, see the {{IPA}} template.
    For a guide to adding IPA characters to Wikipedia articles, see Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation § Entering IPA characters.
    Getting JAWS 6.1 to recognize "exotic" Unicode symbols—For help on getting the screen reader JAWSto read IPA symbols
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    The symbols are arranged by similarity to letters of the Latin alphabet. Symbols which do not resemble any Latin letter are placed at the end.

    Several marks can be added above, below, before or after letters. These are here shown on a carrier letter such as the vowel a. A more complete list is given at International Phonetic Alphabet § Diacritics and prosodic notation.

    Two types of brackets are commonly used to enclose transcriptions in the IPA: 1. /Slashes/ indicate sounds that are distinguished as the basic units of words in a language by native speakers; these are called phonemes. Changing the symbols between these slashes would either change the identity of the word or produce nonsense. For example, since the...

    IPA typeface support is increasing, and is now included in several typefaces such as the Times New Roman versions that come with various recent computer operating systems. Diacritics are not always properly rendered, however. IPA typefaces that are freely available online include Gentium, several from the SIL (such as Charis SIL, and Doulos SIL), D...

    Online IPA keyboard utilities are available and they cover a range of IPA symbols and diacritics: 1. IPA i-charts (2018) 2. IPA character picker 3. 4. IPA Chart Keyboard For iOS there are free IPA keyboard layouts, e.g. IPA Phonetic Keyboard.

  4. The IPA is the international standard for phonetic transcription, and therefore the Wikipedia standard as well. Many non-American and/or EFL -oriented dictionaries and pedagogical texts have adopted the IPA, and as a result, it is far less confusing for many people around the world than any alternative.

  5. Template:IPA key Throughout Wikipedia, the pronunciation of words is indicated by means of the International Phonetic Alphabet ( IPA ). The following tables list the IPA symbols used for English words and pronunciations.