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  1. As queen, she quartered the Royal Arms of the Crown of Castile with the Royal Arms of the Crown of Aragon, she and Ferdinand II of Aragon adopted a yoke and a bundle of arrows as heraldic badges. As co-monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand used the motto " Tanto Monta " ( "They amount to the same", or "Equal opposites in balance" ), which refers to their prenuptial agreement.

  2. Having accompanied her husband and father-in-law to the Eighth Crusade against Tunis in July 1270, Isabella became queen of France the following month on the death of King Louis IX. On their way home, while crossing the Savuto river near Martirano in Calabria , on 11 January 1271 she suffered a fall from her horse : six months pregnant with her fifth child, she gave birth prematurely to a son ...

  3. Reyes Católicos fue la denominación que recibieron los esposos Isabel I de Castilla y Fernando II de Aragón, soberanos de la Corona de Castilla (1474-1504) y de la Corona de Aragón (1479-1516), cuya unión dinástica marcó el inicio de la formación territorial del reino de España.