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  1. The Jacobite rising of 1745, also known as the Forty-five Rebellionor simply the '45(Scottish Gaelic: Bliadhna Theàrlaich, [ˈpliən̪ˠə ˈhjaːrˠl̪ˠɪç], lit. 'The Year of Charles'), was an attempt by Charles Edward Stuartto regain the British thronefor his father, James Francis Edward Stuart.

    • 19 August 1745 – 20 April 1746
    • Government victory, End of Jacobitism as a significant political force
  2. The Jacobite rising of 1689 was a revolt seeking to restore James VII, following his deposition in November 1688. Adherents of the exiled House of Stuart were known as 'Jacobites', from Jacobus, Latin for James, and the associated political movement as Jacobitism .

    • March 1689 – February 1692
    • Scotland
    • Williamite Government victory
  3. The Jacobite rising of 1715 ( Scottish Gaelic: Bliadhna Sheumais [ˈpliən̪ˠə ˈheːmɪʃ]; or 'the Fifteen') was the attempt by James Edward Stuart (the Old Pretender) to regain the thrones of England, Ireland and Scotland for the exiled Stuarts . At Braemar, Aberdeenshire, local landowner the Earl of Mar raised the Jacobite standard on 27 August.

    • Government victory
  4. The Jacobite Rising of 1719, also called "the '19", was a failed attempt to restore the exiled James Francis Edward Stuart to the throne of Great Britain. Part of a series of Jacobite risings between 1689 to 1745, it was the only one to be supported by Spain, then at war with Britain during the War of the Quadruple Alliance .

    • Government victory
  5. The Jacobite risins (or Jacobite rebellions) war a series o uprisins, rebellions, an wars in Great Breetain an Ireland occurrin atween 1688 an 1746.