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  1. At optical wavelengths, the North America Nebula and the Pelican Nebula (IC 5070) appear distinct as they are separated by the silhouette of the dark band of interstellar dust L935. The dark cloud is however transparent to radio waves and infrared radiation, and these wavelengths reveal the central regions of Sh2-117 that are not visible to an ordinary telescope, including many highly luminous ...

  2. Religion in North America is dominated by various branches of Christianity and spans the period of Native American dwelling, European settlement, and the present day. Religion has been a major influence on art, culture, philosophy and law of the continent.

  3. NORAD es el acrónimo de North American Aerospace Defense Command (Mando Norteamericano de Defensa Aeroespacial).. Se trata de una organización conjunta de Canadá y los Estados Unidos que provee de defensa y control aéreo a toda Norteamérica.