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  1. The Royal Households of the United Kingdom are the collective departments that support members of the British royal family. Many members of the royal family who undertake public duties have separate households.

  2. The core of the royal family comprises King Charles III and Queen Camilla; William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales; Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh who carry out royal duties full-time.

  3. Royal Household of the United Kingdom, organization that provides support to the royal family of the United Kingdom. Its chief duties include assisting the monarch in carrying out the responsibilities of the head of state, organizing public ceremonies involving the royal family or royal residences, and maintaining and presenting the Royal ...

  4. The monarchy of the United Kingdom, commonly referred to as the British monarchy, is the form of government used by the United Kingdom by which a hereditary monarch reigns as the head of state, with their powers regulated by the British Constitution.

  5. The Royal Household in the modern era. The history of the Royal Household in the United Kingdom from the mid-19th century has been mainly one of reorganization in order to achieve increased efficiency. Formerly there was much overlapping and confusion in the duties of the various departments.

  6. Contents. List of British royal residences. British royal residences are palaces, castles and houses which are occupied by members of the British royal family in the United Kingdom. The current residences are owned by the Crown, the Duchy of Cornwall, and privately by members of the royal family; all the official residences are owned ...

  7. A royal household or imperial household is the residence and administrative headquarters in ancient and post-classical monarchies, and papal household for popes, and formed the basis for the general government of the country as well as providing for the needs of the sovereign and their relations.