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  1. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography - Wikipedia › Wikipedia:WikiProject_Biography
    • Structure
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    Tips for writing biographies

    Are you starting from scratch and want some guidance on creating a biographical article? Follow these helpful tips! Some of them are also useful for work on articles that have already been started. 1. Research the available literature to find reliable sources. Read them carefully, taking notes. 2. Create a proto-article in a subpage of your own user space. 2.1. Right from the start, cite your sources: it's much easier to do this as you go along than to attempt to do so later. 2.2. See "How to...


    1. Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons


    1. Wikipedia:Notability (people) 2. Wikipedia:Manual of Style (biographies) 2.1. Manual of Style (Ethiopia-related biography articles:proper names) 2.2. Manual of Style (Ireland-related biography articles) 2.3. Manual of Style (Islam-related biography articles: honorifics) 2.4. Manual of Style (Japan-related biography articles:Names) 2.5. Manual of Style (Thailand-related biography articles:Names) 2.6. Manual of Style (dates of birth and death) 3. Wikipedia:Naming conventions (people) 4. Wiki...


    Generally see Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Members

    Work groups

    1. Please discuss any proposals for new work groups with the project as a whole beforecreating them. Workgroups are informal groups of editors gathered for collaborative work on a particular topic within the field of biography; all project members are encouraged to participate in any that interest them. Also included below are other WikiProjects that fall within our scope. Work groups 1. 1.1. Arts and entertainment 1.1.1. Actors and Filmmakers 1.1.2. Musicians 1.2. Living people 1.3. Military...

    Project templates

    1. {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Sidebar}} – Project sidebar 2. {{CurrentBioCOTW}} – Current Collaboration 3. {{BioCOTWnow}} – Current Collaboration winner for article's talk page 4. {{WikiProject Biography}} – Talk page project banner 5. {{WPBiography Archive}} – archive banner for internal project pages no longer in use.


    1. The Biography Barnstar– The Biography Barnstar can be awarded to editors who make significant or outstanding contributions to Wikipedia's biography-related articles. 2. The BLP Barnstar – The BLP Barnstar is used to recognize editors who strive to maintain the integrity, sourcing, and neutrality of biography articles, so they adhere to the biographies of living personspolicy. 3. The Royalty's Barnstar– The Royalty and Nobility Barnstar is awarded to editors who make significant contributio...

  2. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Core biographies - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    This page has been developed by the Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography to be a list of the most important biographies in WP as a way to have a work list of articles to improve. Any such list will be subjective and unlikely to find universal agreement. Currently, this is being used as a worklist for the Version 1.0 Editorial Team.

    Date of birth
    Date of death
    c. 525 BC
    c. 456 BC
    October 24, 1542
    October 12, 1605
    July 20, 356 BC
    June 10, 323 BC
  3. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/New articles - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject
    • February 2013
    • April 2011
    • March 2011
    • February 2011
    • January 2011
    • November 2010
    • October 2010
    • September 2010
    • August 2010
    • July 2010
    Guy Bavli - performing artist, mentalism, illusions.
    Eric John Stephens - Australian flying aceduring World War I
    Francis S. Symondson - British flying aceduring World War I
    Stanley Stanger - Canadian World War I flying ace
    Francis James Ralph - English World War I flying ace
    Thomas L. Purdom - English World War I flying ace
    Air Commodore William E. G. Mann
    Edwin Benbow - flying acewho shot down the Red Baron
    Leslie Court - World War I observer ace on Royal Aircraft Factory FE.2
    James McKinley Hargreaves - Pioneering WWI observer ace; flew with Lionel ReesVC
    Selden Long - World War I flying ace and close air supportpioneer
    Arthur Gerald Knight - World War I flying ace involved in the dogfight that killed Oswald Boelcke
  4. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Members - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    Writing biographies for Wikipedia:WikiProject Kentucky, mostly about people in civil war and politicians. Ganeshk (talk · contribs) Greeves (talk · contribs) Jennavecia (talk · contribs) - In the area of BLPs. John Carter (talk · contribs) Johntex (talk · contribs)

  5. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Assessment - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How to Assess An Article
    • Cleanup Listings
    • Biography Assessment Backlog - Call For Volunteers

    How can I request an article assessment?

    1. Add it to the assessment request queue below. If you'd like someone to write some constructive feedback about the article, you can request a peer review from editors outside WikiProject Biography. At present, WikiProject Biography's peer reviewis backlogged.

    Who can rate an article?

    1. Anyone can rate a biographical article, but if you revised an article enough to change its potential rating, or if you have a conflict of interest, someone else should review it. A rating higher than B-class requires a more formal review process.

    What if I disagree with a rating?

    1. Ask the reviewer what they think the article needs (preferably on the article's talk page). You can also (re)list the article in the assessment request queue, or directly ask a WikiProject Biography member to review it.

    Read the criteria in the quality scale, and determine which grade best reflects the state of the article. If the quality grade you chose differs from the one on the article's talk page, set the grade by changing the classparameter for each WikiProject banner, like this: If the article is within the scope of WikiProject Biography but does not have a {{WikiProject Biography}} banner on its talk page, add the banner. You can find articles to rate in Category:Unassessed biography articles. This is a list of talk pages that have a banner with an incomplete assessment. There's more to article assessment than just quality and priority grades. See {{WikiProject Biography}} for complete instructions.

    Weekly biography listings here. Please be patient while lists load as there are over 1.6 million articles. Run on Tuesdays, generated by CleanupWorklistBot.

    To help reduce the long-standing backlog of biography articles waiting for assessment, consider adopting your "favorite" alphabet letter and working there. You can click on a letter to be linked directly to it and see how long it is. In the table below, just replace the ★ with your Username. There can be more than one person per letter. Teamwork really helps! We recommend putting a link on your user page or in another easy-to-find location so that you can more easily work on your letter.

  6. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Military - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject_Military

    Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Military. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. < Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography (Redirected from Wikipedia:WikiProject Military) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Sub-project of WikiProject Biography. Main page.

  7. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Article alerts/Archive ... › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Article alerts/Archive. Jump to navigation Jump to search. back to report. This is an archive of previous Article ...

  8. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Infoboxes - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    Edit. < Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography. This list is part of WikiProject Biography and presents recommended biography infoboxes . Word of caution! Certain biography articles have opposition camps on infoboxes. With the current work groups, it is generally safe, but, for instance, scientist articles can have some heated debates on these.

  9. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Popular pages - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:BIOG

    Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Popular pages. Note: This page is no longer updated due to the extremely large size of WikiProject Biography. (It causes out of memory errors in the bot script.) This is a list of pages in the scope of Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography along with pageviews. To report bugs, please write on the Community tech bot ...

  10. Wikipedia:WikiProject Musicians - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    Srsrox ( talk · contribs ) – Mostly rock, but like various genres of music. Stephenmusic ( talk · contribs ) – Mainly Irish Indie/Rock Bands as well as Welsh and Scottish Bands, including The Coronas, General Fiasco, Two Door Cinema Club, Kids In Glass Houses, The Automatic & Twin Atlantic.

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