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  1. 1855 ( MDCCCLV) fue un año común comenzado en lunes según el calendario gregoriano . Índice 1 Acontecimientos 1.1 Enero 1.2 Febrero 1.3 Marzo 1.4 Abril 1.5 Mayo 1.6 Junio 1.7 Julio 1.8 Agosto 1.9 Septiembre 1.10 Octubre 1.11 Noviembre 1.12 Diciembre 1.13 Fechas desconocidas 2 Ciencia y tecnología 3 Nacimientos 3.1 Enero 3.2 Febrero 3.3 Marzo

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    1855 ( MDCCCLV) was a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar, the 1855th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 855th year of the 2nd millennium, the 55th year of the 19th century, and the 6th year of the 1850s decade.

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    January – Samuel Orchart Beeton's weekly The Boys' Own Magazine, "an illustrated journal of fact, fiction, history and adventure", begins publication in London.
    January 5 – Anthony Trollope's novel The Warden, the first of his Chronicles of Barsetshire, is published in London by Longman as he begins to write the second, Barchester Towers.
    February 25 – The comedy De Scholtschäin, by Edmond de la Fontaine writing as Dicks, becomes the first play to be performed in the language of Luxembourg.
    June 29 – The Daily Telegraphnewspaper begins publication in London.


    1. Gheorghe Asachi – Ziua din urmă a municipiului Iașenilor(The Last Day of Iași Municipality) 2. Cuthbert Bede (pseudonym) – The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green(other volumes, 1856 and 1857) 3. Gustav Freytag – Debit and Credit(Soll und Haben) 4. Elizabeth Gaskell – North and South 5. James Grant – The Yellow Frigate (also entitled The Three Sisters) 6. Mary Virginia Hawes – The Hidden Path 7. Caroline Lee Hentz – Robert Graham 8. Paul Heyse– "L'Arrabbiata" (The Fury, short story) 9. Washing...


    1. Božena Němcová – The Grandmother


    1. Émile Augier – Le Mariage d'Olympe 2. Dicks 2.1. De Scholtschäin 2.2. D'Mumm Sèiss 3. Léon Gozlan – Le Gâteau des reines 4. Henrik Ibsen – The Feast at Solhaug 5. Andreas Munch – En Aften paa Giske 6. Watts Phillips – Joseph Chavigny 7. Ivan Turgenev – A Month in the Country

    February 21 – Elizabeth Robins Pennell, American biographer and critic based in London (died 1936)
    April 4 – Manonmaniam Sundaram Pillai, Indian dramatist (died 1897)
    April 27 – Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, Irish novelist (died 1897)
    May 1 – Marie Corelli (Mary Mackay), English novelist (died 1924)
    January 3 – János Majláth, Hungarian poet and historian (born 1786)
    January 10 – Mary Russell Mitford, English dramatist and novelist (born 1787)
    January 25 – Dorothy Wordsworth, English poet and diarist (born 1771)
    January 26 – Gérard de Nerval (Gérard Labrunie), French poet and essayist (suicide, born 1808)
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    Federal Government

    1. President: Franklin Pierce (D-New Hampshire) 2. Vice President: vacant 3. Chief Justice: Roger B. Taney (Maryland) 4. Speaker of the House of Representatives: Linn Boyd (D-Kentucky) 5. Congress: 33rd (until March 4), 34th(starting March 4)

    January – Klamath and Salmon River War: In Klamath County, California, hostility between settlers and the local Native Americans becomes violent. The California State Militiaand U.S. Army intervene...
    January 23 – The first bridge over the Mississippi River opens in what is now Minneapolis, Minnesota (a crossing made today by the Hennepin Avenue Bridge).
    January 26 – The Point No Point Treaty is signed in the Washington Territory.
    February 12 – Michigan State University(the "pioneer" land-grant college) is established.
    February 4 – George Cope, painter (died 1929)
    February 23 – Jonathan Bourne, Jr., U.S. Senator from Oregon from 1907 to 1913 (died 1940)
    June 14 – Robert M. La Follette, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin (died 1925)
    July 29 – Bowman Brown Law, politician (died 1916)
    March 8 – William Poole, founder of the street gang the Bowery Boys and leader of the Know Nothing political movement (born 1821)
    March 25 – Thomas Fitzgerald, United States Senator from Michigan from 1848 till 1849. (born 1796)
    March 28 – William S. Archer, United States Senator from Virginia from 1841 till 1847. (born 1789)
    May 7 – Walter T. Colquitt, United States Senator from Georgia from 1843 till 1848. (born 1799)
  3. Acontecimientos relacionados con México en 1855.. Acontecimientos. 9 de agosto: Durante la madrugada, el general presidente Antonio López de Santa Anna se fuga de la Ciudad de México con destino a Veracruz, con pretexto de ir personalmente a sofocar la rebelión en ese estado; sin embargo, su huida se debió en realidad a la cercanía de los revolucionarios a la capital, marcando con ello ...

  4. It is the earliest performance of Brahms' music in the United States December 3 – The Piano Trio in G minor by Bedřich Smetana is given its first public performance in Prague. Tchaikovsky takes private music lessons with Rudolph Kündinger, who tells Tchaikovsky's father that he saw nothing to suggest a future composer. Bands formed [ edit]

  5. IEEE 1855 IEEE STANDARD 1855-2016, IEEE Standard for Fuzzy Markup Language (FML), es un estándar técnico desarrollado por la IEEE Standards Association . 1 FML permite modelar un sistema de lógica difusa de manera legible e independiente del hardware. FML se basa en eXtensible Markup Language ( XML ).