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  1. Angus (Scots: Angus; Scottish Gaelic: Aonghas) is one of the 32 local government council areas of Scotland, a registration county and a lieutenancy area. The council area borders Aberdeenshire, Dundee City and Perth and Kinross. Main industries include agriculture and fishing.

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  2. Angus, llamado hasta 1928 Forfarshire, fue uno de los condados históricos de Escocia hasta 1975 en que fue convertido en uno de los distritos de la región de Tayside. Esta división administrativa duró hasta 1996 en que fue dividida en tres concejos, uno de los cuales fue Angus. Los límites actuales son los mismos que tenía el antiguo ...

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    S12000041. ISO 3166 code. GB-ANS. Website. www .angus .gov .uk. Angus ( Scots Gaelic: Aonghas) is ane o the 32 cooncil areas o Scotland, a registration coontie an a lieutenancie area. The cooncil area borders Aiberdeenshire, Perth an Kinross an Dundee.

    • 2,181 km² (842 sq mi)
    • Farfar
  4. Descripción. Angus in Scotland.svg. Deutsch: Lage der "Unitary Authority" XY (siehe Dateiname) in Schottland. English: Location of council area xy (see filename) in Scotland. Fecha. 8 de septiembre de 2011. Fuente. Trabajo propio Este gráfico vectorial, sin especificar según el W3C, fue creado con Adobe Illustrator.

    • 8 de septiembre de 2011
    • Deutsch: Lage der "Unitary Authority" XY (siehe Dateiname) in Schottland., English: Location of council area xy (see filename) in Scotland.
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    Angus (film), a 1995 film about an overweight boy humiliated by his peers
    Angus Og (comics), cartoon in the Daily Recordnewspaper


    1. Angus, Ontario, a community in Essa, Ontario 2. East Angus, Quebec


    1. Angus, Scotland, a traditional county of Scotland and modern council area 2. Angus (Scottish Parliament constituency) 3. Angus (UK Parliament constituency)

    United States

    1. Angus, Iowa 2. Angus, Nebraska 3. Angus, Ohio 4. Angus, Texas 5. Angus, Wisconsin 6. Angus Township, Polk County, Minnesota

    Historical figures

    1. Óengus I of the Picts(died 761), king of the Picts 2. Óengus of Tallaght(died 824), Irish bishop, reformer and writer 3. Óengus II of the Picts(died 834), king of the Picts 4. Óengus mac Óengusa(died 930), Irish poet 5. Óengus of Moray(died 1130), last King of Moray 6. Aonghus Mór(died c. 1293), chief of Clann Domhnaill 7. Aonghus Óg of Islay(died 1314×1318/c.1330), chief of Clann Domhnaill 8. Aonghas Óg(died 1490), chief of Clann Domhnaill 9. Óengus mac Nad Froích(died 489), King of Munst...

    Mythology and fiction

    1. Aengus, figure of Irish mythology 2. Óengus Olmucaid, legendary High King of Ireland 3. Óengus Ollom, legendary High King of Ireland 4. Óengus Tuirmech Temrach, legendary High King of Ireland 5. Angus, a character on Oobi 6. Angus "Pothole" McDuck, a Disney character who is Scrooge McDuck's uncle 7. Angus, a Thane in Shakespeare's Macbeth


    1. Angus (given name), origin of the name, list of people with the name 2. Angus (surname) 3. Aengus (given name), origin of the name, list of people with the name 4. Aonghas (given name), origin of the name, list of people with the name 5. Aonghus (given name), origin of the name, list of people with the name

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    25/05/2021 · Angus within Scotland Coordinates: 56°40′N 2°55′W  /  56.667°N 2.917°W  / 56.667; -2.917 Coordinates : 56°40′N 2°55′W  /  56.667°N 2.917°W  / 56

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    Toponymy and early history

    Prehistoric elements are found in the vicinity of Montrose, including the Stone of Morphie located to the north. One ancient name for Montrose was Celurca. The place-name is formed from the Gaelic Monadh (meaning moor) and Ros (meaning peninsula or promontory), perhaps ultimately of Pictish origin. The first documentary evidence of the existence of Montrose is the burgh charter issued by David I who founded the town around 1140 as Sallorch or Sallork. By 1178 the name had taken the form Munro...

    Medieval history

    Montrose was visited and plundered in numerous instances by Danes. In the year 980 it was sacked and razed to the ground. It was once believed that a castle existed in Montrose in the 10th century and was destroyed by Kenneth III. However the historicity of this account has been disputed. In the two proceeding centuries there are no precise dates in its history. During the 1140s it was an important trading town. The trading revenues received from Montrose as well as Forfar and Dundee were acq...

    Modern history

    From its early inception as a port Montrose had traded in skins, hides and cured salmon but in the 17th century began to export wheat and barley in regular trading transactions with the Hanseatic League. The town imported flax and timber from the Baltic; salt, fruit and wine from France and Portugal.The wealth this brought to the town is demonstrated in the surviving houses built by landowning and merchant families as well as local street names of "America Street", "California Street", "Balti...

    Montrose is represented within Angus Council by the Montrose & District Ward, from which four councillors are elected. The members elected from this ward are, as of 2012: Bill Duff (Scottish National Party), Mark Salmond (Independent), Paul Valentine (Scottish National Party) and David May (Scottish Liberal Democrats). The town is part of the Angus constituency of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which returns a Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons, at Westminster. The constituency's MP is currently Dave Doogan of the Scottish National Party. Montrose is also part of the Angus constituency of the Scottish Parliament, which has significantly different boundaries to the Westminster constituency. The constituency returns a Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) to Holyrood directly, and is part of the North East Scotland electoral region with regards to additional Members of the Scottish Parliament. The constituency's MSP is currently Andrew Welsh of the Scottish Nati...

    Montrose occupies a position on the North Bank of Montrose Basin at the mouth of the River South Esk on the East Coast of Scotland, 11 miles (18 km) NNE of Arbroath, 19 miles (31 km) SW of Stonehaven, and 7.2 miles (12 km) ESE of Brechin. The town lies 62.2 miles (100 km) NNE of Edinburgh, and 373.2 miles (601 km) NNW of London. The built-up area occupies a roughly rectangular shape 2 miles (3 km) long by 0.75 miles (1 km) wide, aligned in a north–south orientation. The land is relatively flat, rising gradually to around 15m elevationto the North of the town. The expanse of the town extends to the villages on its fringes; Hillside and Ferryden. It lies close to the hamlets of Lunan and St Cyrus. The rural location ensures that the air quality is good, with low levels of nitrogen dioxide and PM10.

    The 2001 census gave Montrose's total resident population as 10,845. This makes it the third largest town in Angus, after Arbroath (22,785) and Forfar (14,048) with Carnoustiein fourth place (10,561). Since the Second World War the population of Montrose has increased. The presence of Dundee families in Montrose during wartime convinced a number to settle there. This altered the demographics of the town and led to the building of housing estatesin the 1960s. A number of people from the Polish community who had served with the British forces at RAF Montrose also settled. There is an increasing elderly population which is reflected in the profusion of nursing and residential homes and in recent plans to extend provision for sheltered housing. Data published by Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics in 2008 records the population of Montrose & District as 15,013 which is around 18% of the population of Angusas a whole. Of this total 17.6% are children, 60% are of working age and 22% are pen...

    Schools include six primary schools, Lochside, Ferryden, Southesk, Rosemount, Borrowfield and St Margarets, and one secondary school Montrose Academy.

    Christian groups

    There are many churches in Montrose. Three belong to the Church of Scotland: Montrose Old and St Andrew's ('Auld Kirk'), Montrose: South and Ferryden, Dun and Hillside Church. There are two United Free Churches: Knox's Church and Ferryden Church. Grace Church Montrose is a new church plant belonging to the Free Church of Scotland. In the Links, there is an Episcopal Church (St Mary's and St Peter's); the United Reformed Church and Methodist Church are nearby. A Quaker group meets in the town....

    Other groups

    In Borrowfield there is a LDS Churchand a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses lies on the edge of the town.

    The town is served by Montrose railway station. The X7 Coastriderbus route between Aberdeen and Perth runs through the town.

    Montrose and the surrounding area is supplied with water by Scottish Water from the Lintrathen and Backwater reservoirs in Glen Isla. Electricity distribution is by Scottish Hydro Electric plc, part of the Scottish and Southern Energygroup. Waste management is handled by Angus Council. There is a kerbside recycling scheme that has been in operation since March 2005. Cans, glass, paper and plastic bottles are collected on a weekly basis. Compostable material and non-recyclable material are collected on alternate weeks. Roughly two-thirds of non-recyclable material is sent to landfill at Angus Council's site at Lochhead, Forfar and the remainder sent for incineration (with energy recovery) outside the council area. A recycling centre is located at Broomfield Road. Items accepted include, steel and aluminium cans, cardboard, paper, electrical equipment, engine oil, fridges and freezers, garden waste, gas bottles, glass, liquid food and drinks cartons, plastic bottles, plastic carrier b...

    Robert Brown FRSE FRS FLS MWS (1773–1858), famous Scottish botanist, who discovered Brownian motion.
    James Brown (1734–1791), Scottish clergyman of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Held allegiance to the House of Stuart before and after 1788. Jacobite. Father of botanist Robert Brown FRSE FRS FLS MWS.
    Alexander Allan (1809–1891), locomotive engineer. Invented the balanced slide valve, & the straight-link valve gear.

    The town gives its name to the neighbourhood of Montrose in Houston, USA. In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Universe, there is a professional Quidditch team from the township of Montrose; The Montrose Magpies. Two Royal Navy ships have been named HMS Montroseafter the Duke of Montrose.

    • 12,100 (mid-2016 est.)
    • Scotland
    • Angus
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